Dell Inspiron 13z Laptop Computer

Dell has released another ultraportable laptop computer, the 13z from the famous Inspiron series, but is now promised to be much more portable than ever. Dell has been catering quality notebooks for years now and what I love—and would like to applaud … [Continue reading]

Harman Kardon SB30 Audio Speaker

I am really fond of speakers, and one funny thing about me with the speakers is that I tend to visualize the waves of sound that passes through my head. When I got hold of a 5.1 speaker system, I said to myself, “Wow, this must be something that … [Continue reading]

Motorola MOTOACTV Sports Watch

Tired of trying to unweave the ever-tangling wires of your headset plugged into your phone or MP4? How about wishing that bringing a phone along could help you ease your sweaty activities than adding an extra disturbance? I think these questions may … [Continue reading]

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 Digital Camera

Modern DSLRs tend to be not only advanced in a lot of ways, but tend to be more compact and handier. Major manufacturing companies all over the world have made all possible effort to make professional DSLR cameras look fancier while giving up the … [Continue reading]

HP Z1 All-in-One PC

A $4700 PC, anyone? That sounds just right, and I feel like I’m having elephantiasis with it. The new all-in-one PC from HP—the Z1—is remarkably a statue of liberty for awesome and industry artists and media engineers with its massive 27-inch … [Continue reading]

Toshiba Portege R835-P88 Laptop Computer

Laptops and notebooks of today are growing exponentially in designs, and I can’t stop wondering that among these designs, can people still not find the right suit for them? I realized that it’s not about the design of today that lets people ask for … [Continue reading]

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-Book Reader

I think the name says it all, but isn’t that surprising. What I mean is that, the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite boasts of a white page for every paragraph you read on the e-books that you have. “But, of course, it’s supposed to be white?” You might … [Continue reading]

Fujifilm X-E1 Digital Camera

Here’s one born out of time, so I say. Fujifilm may not be the leading manufacturer for first-world sensational cameras, but the company also pays us the right surprises, such as this mirror-less design we know as the X-E1. A few months ago, we … [Continue reading]

Klipsch Mode M40 Noise-cancelling Headphones

I wonder why headphones of today have to be so expensive that you can cry about. I understand that pricey headphones of today promise a high quality audio experience, but should the small components cost that much? When I was introduced to products … [Continue reading]

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook

Trackpoint nubs (or dots) used to rule first-world laptops before as the main pointing device. Its technology has been widely claimed to introduce touch-sensitive controls. However, a decade or two back, this technology which gave companies like IBM … [Continue reading]