HP EliteBook Folio 9470m Windows 8 Laptop Computer

HP-EliteBook-Folio-9470m-Windows-8 Laptop-Computer-Price-PhilippinesHP-EliteBook-Folio-9470m-Windows-8 Laptop-Computer-Price-Philippines

Not all contributors to ultrabooks have the same idea in mind. Deviating, as always, is HP, which now offers another confusing device on the Ultrabook category under a whooping price that starts at $1300; the EliteBook Folio 9470m. Don’t take this negatively, though; the EliteBook Folio 9470m of HP is but an ultrabook with a […]

HP Envy TouchSmart Windows 8 Ultrabook


Windows 8 is already growing fast in availability and marketing. Frankly speaking, such growth in the industry was not made due to people’s preference, i.e., they really liked it; what happened was that they are being booked to different manufacturers for one simple reason: it’s new (thinking how the preceding Windows 7 made its own […]

Acer TravelMate P243 14-inch Laptop Computer

For those of you who are kicked off by the new Windows 8’s specs or features, here’s one for you to munch along the way on your day-to-day office errands. Built with business people on target, Acer stuck itself with the classics of sheer performance but with reliable body in its new TravelMate P243. With […]

Asus ZenBook Touch UX31A Windows 8 Ultrabook

Not all ultrabooks of today can pair well with Apple’s PCs even just on aesthetics. However, I also see Asus’ Zenbook notebooks to have the same kind of trick as well. Powered with core-performing specs plus a robust design, the Zenbooks are among the most thought-of ultrabooks with the sleekest—and even thinnest—bodies this year. To […]

Asus VivoBook X202e Windows 8 Touchscreen Laptop

Windows 8, the latest version of Windows with a lot of versions and that features the LiveTile wherein touch-screen displays would pay-off, has been released like a few weeks ago. With this on the atmosphere, leading manufacturing companies race to make the best of devices to cater such a platform in the most pleasing yet […]

Samsung Series 7 Gamer 17.3-inch Laptop Computer

Well, it’s not every time that we hear of manufacturing companies catering ‘gaming’ PCs to people. I honestly know of only one: Asus, and frankly I am so impressed from the design which is inspired by America’s stealth fighter down to its fiery specs and features. Today, I’ll put one big note on my calendar […]

Fujitsu Lifebook U772 Ultrabook

Here comes another enterprise-level ultrabook the Japanese brand Fujitsu has put into incarnation—so is the name ‘Lifebook’ for the series. The Lifebook series do not have a great selection of ultrabooks so far, but among the choices, we have the new U772, which we are about to talk about today. Pricey at $1,149 for a […]

Dell Inspiron 13z Laptop Computer

Dell has released another ultraportable laptop computer, the 13z from the famous Inspiron series, but is now promised to be much more portable than ever. Dell has been catering quality notebooks for years now and what I love—and would like to applaud for in the company—is their unique design concepts that stands distinguished when filed […]

Toshiba Portege R835-P88 Laptop Computer

Laptops and notebooks of today are growing exponentially in designs, and I can’t stop wondering that among these designs, can people still not find the right suit for them? I realized that it’s not about the design of today that lets people ask for more, but it’s what it can attract to them like new […]

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook

Trackpoint nubs (or dots) used to rule first-world laptops before as the main pointing device. Its technology has been widely claimed to introduce touch-sensitive controls. However, a decade or two back, this technology which gave companies like IBM and Fujitsu a solid face and reputation was numerically wiped out of the market, especially when touch […]