Sony Xperia TL 4.6-inch Android Smartphone

I am not really a ‘follower’ of James Bond’s ‘tweets,’ but if you’d ask me, I strongly believe the 007 fans club would love to know what made the famous Bond rich and geeky in the most modern of ways. Taking the story aside, we’d love to know what came up with Sony as it […]

Asus ZenBook Touch UX31A Windows 8 Ultrabook

Not all ultrabooks of today can pair well with Apple’s PCs even just on aesthetics. However, I also see Asus’ Zenbook notebooks to have the same kind of trick as well. Powered with core-performing specs plus a robust design, the Zenbooks are among the most thought-of ultrabooks with the sleekest—and even thinnest—bodies this year. To […]

Bose SoundLink II Bluetooth Mobile Speaker

Known for so many years to give quality audio materials to users of different types, the company Bose has released its portable version of a speaker last year named ‘SoundLink.’ The SoundLink uses Bluetooth technology to be wireless compared to those that preferred a Wi-Fi connection; while at the same time does not really cater […]

Asus VivoBook X202e Windows 8 Touchscreen Laptop

Windows 8, the latest version of Windows with a lot of versions and that features the LiveTile wherein touch-screen displays would pay-off, has been released like a few weeks ago. With this on the atmosphere, leading manufacturing companies race to make the best of devices to cater such a platform in the most pleasing yet […]

Acer CloudMobile S500 4.3-inch Android Smartphone

Nokia, Samsung, Apple, HTC, Motorola—you name it, but all of them have great entries nowadays for what people call as smartphones. Some companies like Asus, however, also try to insert their fingers in this well by introducing ‘unique’ phones at a competitive range of price. All these said, it may be fairly unsurprising to know […]

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 Compact Digital Camera

Never has it been made, as far as I know, to compete virtually perfectly with digital SLRs, though I don’t close possibilities to the challenge. Professionals who look for fidelity and versatility with cameras often prefer the DSLRs, not knowing that there are rather other models that challenge such optical capacities. Thanks to Panasonic for […]

Lenovo IdeaTab S2110 10-inch Android Tablet

When Asus showcased its grand series of what we now know as the Transformers, people are given a new way of awe especially on its docking capability or, in simpler words, an optional keyboard extension. This has been a great attempt to change the way people looked at the usual Android tablets, and expectedly, competitors […]

Sony VAIO Tap 20 All-in-One Desktop Computer

Anyone knew what the acronym VAIO stands for, or at least, if it is really an acronym? Sony’s famous computer series is but superb as always with good points outweighing the lesser ones to consider. I personally love the notebooks offered in the said series, and I haven’t gone too far to discover desktop PCs […]

Samsung Series 7 Gamer 17.3-inch Laptop Computer

Well, it’s not every time that we hear of manufacturing companies catering ‘gaming’ PCs to people. I honestly know of only one: Asus, and frankly I am so impressed from the design which is inspired by America’s stealth fighter down to its fiery specs and features. Today, I’ll put one big note on my calendar […]

AKG K3003 Premium Earphones

It’s a bit late when I realized that the brands that I harbored for so long such as Harman Kardon and JBL and even Infinity all came from one same intelligent source as company. I really did not know Harman Kardon and I’m not quite sure if the name is really a reference to someone. […]