Samsung WB850F Compact Digital Camera

Compact superzooms are now going fast available at almost the same range of price (many of those are slashed already to a very cheap price after just a few months), making users really serious in choosing the right model from a right brand with the right features. However, on a small compact camera with a price ranging from $200-$300, Samsung must be one of those capable of plucking up the bacon home because of its superb amount of features at a very cheap price at $260 nowadays in some stores. Is this really the one you’d love to have?

Being a superzoom camera, the Samsung WB850F is capable of 21x optical zoom plus the optional digital one at 4x. This said, objects are unusually magnified with such a compact lens, and is something you’d surely want for travel. However, the story about the Schneider-KREUZNACH lens does not only pauses there; the lens is also a wide-angle one, making its focal length equivalent to 23-483mm. This said, users gain the edge of capturing more contents within the same frame whether it is from few feet away or from miles away. Lastly, the lens also has a maximum aperture of F2.8-F5.9, making it a rare kind of lens in the competition and is able to bring more light to the output.

Having a CMOS sensor at 16.2MP is also going common nowadays as a story, but extending the light sensitivity to ISO of up to 3200 is a bit uncommon, though for sure it is still not enough for serious photographers. Moreover, empowering the sensor also is the dual image stabilization technology also that not only aids in taking telephoto shots, but is also swift and sweet enough for the camera’s another advantage, a full HD 1080 movie recording with stereo sound at 30fps.

Another edge with the camera of Samsung is the WB850F’s 3-inch 640k-dot AMOLED display. Being AMOLED, you’d sure expect to see the same color saturation and vibrancy found on the Galaxy devices of the company, which is a keen advantage when paired with the traditional TFT display. Viewing things and information on this display is good enough at a more flexible angle, and the lack for a viewfinder is but expect at least also for a camera within its class. As for the menu and interface, I was actually expecting that Samsung might have incorporated Android as the UI and menu, but the camera still retained its own system of navigation.

Moreover, I am quite frustrated to know that for its price, the company provided a sort of contradiction or irony on this device by having a touch-friendly interface (especially when you tune in to the modes seen on the mode dial) but without a touch-sensitive display. This said, you’d expect to see less information on the screen, more icons or other graphics, and more controls that you can only tweak on the screen rather than having specific physical buttons. Nevertheless, thanks anyway to Samsung for making this camera a bit advanced by adding a mode dial, which pertains to extra manual controls like shutter, aperture, and the shutter speed.

It is also quite surprising to see another issue: a manual pop-up flash using a slider-type switch which is hard to get, but for the ‘drive speed,’ an easier-to-toggle lever on the extreme right side making it more susceptible to accidental triggers. However, having the latter is hardly a feature itself since most people have preferred to check on the drive speed internally than having to tweak it the hard way.

Aside from having the advantage of having full manual controls over exposure, the last big advantage of this camera is its wireless feature. It may not have Bluetooth, but it has the built-in Wi-Fi capability making users share photos to capable devices, make backups of photos or videos on the cloud (on the SkyDrive of Microsoft) or to a PC, directly share to social networking sites and even via e-mails, full GPS capability (though albeit the need for the extra software to be configured, the feature is also slow), remote shutter control via a smart device, and even linking to big screens wirelessly.

Of all the features listed, the Samsung WB850F itself is also not short with other features—too long to be listed. However, with all these advantages, it’s still pretty hard for me to accept this camera as one great choice particularly due to one big reason: a relatively poor battery performance; using the GPS alone is one great battery-consuming activity. Nevertheless, the WB850F of Samsung for its price is worth an applause for including a big barrel of features over a small compact body.

Samsung WB850F Compact Digital Camera Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 325.00

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