Sony Xperia TL 4.6-inch Android Smartphone

I am not really a ‘follower’ of James Bond’s ‘tweets,’ but if you’d ask me, I strongly believe the 007 fans club would love to know what made the famous Bond rich and geeky in the most modern of ways. Taking the story aside, we’d love to know what came up with Sony as it showed us another Xperia model that intertwines with the 007 scheme: the Xperia TL. Though the market has widely been regarding both stories, we can but only play on the smartphone for now. Let’s jump into it.

The Sony Xperia TL is considerably a successor of the Sony Xperia ION released not so long ago. According to reports and rumors, what happened to the TL was actually a resurrection to the Ion’s mistakes, so to say. Nevertheless, I am still happy with the Xperia TL’s black design with angular finish and arc body. The hold is nice and clean with a few ‘disturbing’ parts (which I’ll talk next), and is weighing 148grams at its thickness of 9.4mm.

A sure fire it is to say, the Sony Xperia TL is not the thinnest and the best in design when compared to other smartphones. Build-quality and material is premium actually, making it a good fashion accessory still. However, I have some confusions about the general layout of the buttons: I hoped the power button, which in this case sits together at the same bench with the volume rocker before the camera button, is a bit farther to avoid confusion. More than this, no one wants to access the power button using the palm. If you’d ask James Bond, I think he’ll not be pleased with using another hand just to switch on the device.

Nevertheless, the Xperia TL of Sony is truly cinematic with its protruded 13.1-MP camera with flash (aside from the 720p camera in front). With this said, picture quality is superbly detailed at 4128×3096 pixels, and recording full HD videos are fully easy and uncompromised. Aside from other media enhancements like the inclusion of DLNA connectivity, watching HD movies from Hollywood won’t be a trouble, plus the trusted audio quality from Sony.

The Sony Xperia TL also has variably a good display. Its TFT capacitive touchscreen can, unfortunately, support only four points of touch, but this is not a trouble in the real case. Its display with a native resolution of 720x1280p is not the leading resolution on the market, but for a display at 4.6 inches in size, this should be more than enough. Its 323-ppi pixel density is well enough for those clean sharp details on movies without losing quality on the visible frames in movies or games, and thankfully, you’d love to use this one outdoors since it is well-lit and well-protected against shutter and scratches.

Furthermore, you’d love to know that the Sony Xperia TL is actually exclusively distributed by one of US’ leading cellular network: the AT&T. Surprisingly, I found the smartphone to be truly concussive in performance when put to web mode. The phone, according to the list of details, has a very versatile network connectivity even up to the mouth-watering LTE data transport of up to 150Mbps. Adding to this, this Xperia also brags its advanced Wi-Fi connectivity at 802.11 a/b/g/n dual-band. All these said, there would be no more complaints when connecting to Sony’s wide and seemingly exclusive network full of freebies and offers to users and fans.

Other specs that you’d love to hear for this Xperia TL of Sony are: Near-Field Communication (NFC) wherein users can tap between devices for instant data-sharing, certification to PlayStation games, free lifetime cloud storage of up to 50GB, a dual-core Snapdragon processor running at 1.5GHz, 1GB of RAM, and the 16GB internal storage (expandable). Priced $99 by contract at AT&T, I still think the Xperia TL is relatively expensive, and I was actually anticipating of a lot more goodies than simply improving on the camera.

Sony Xperia TL Android Smartphone Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD):
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