Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 Compact Digital Camera

Never has it been made, as far as I know, to compete virtually perfectly with digital SLRs, though I don’t close possibilities to the challenge. Professionals who look for fidelity and versatility with cameras often prefer the DSLRs, not knowing that there are rather other models that challenge such optical capacities. Thanks to Panasonic for its inspiration and consistent innovation, we now have a ‘valid’ challenger to the digital SLRs: the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3. Should it pave the way to a lot easier way of photography? We’ll zoom in.

Weighing at only 1.21 lbs. with batteries on it (except the optional battery grip), the Lumix DMC-GH3 (simply said) is variably an entry-level and can be so-called as a flagship to Panasonic’s inspired efforts. Its body size of 5.24×3.66×3.23’ is so well crafted also with nice rubbery carves and curves for added comfort, though it is widely said to be as big as the major DSLRs we have now on the market. With well-distributed swivels and dials, the GH3 is truly an open doorway to a more versatile professional photography… and even videography.

Since the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 is not an SLR camera technically, this compact system camera delivers almost the same especially with controls. What’s new in this design is but five customizable function buttons that sit scattered across the whole camera from the front backwards. On the top, we have a very well keyed shooting mode dial with a power switch level to snaps in just the right amount of push. Following the said dial are dedicated buttons for white balance, ISO, exposure composition, and a Function key, all of which lies vertically next to a secondary control dial.

Aside from a pop-up flash, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 has also made some more changes compared to its predecessor, the GH2. One is that the dial that sits on the left side of the top of the camera is now with a drive mode (the previous has the AF options control). Moreover, some other changes with the build are: a weather-sealed magnesium alloy body that is said to resist liquid and even dust, a mic socket that is now standardized to a 3.5mm one (the previous has only 2.5mm), a hotshoe/PC socket for external flash or sound guns, and overall, the enhanced layout and more fluid controls from the software to the hardware.

One great topic to have for conversations with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 is its new articulating 3” OLED display panel that can literally swivel and land at different angles, yet has touch capability. Since the display is hinged on the left side, it is far better to shoot at tricky situations and positions, and is complementary to the low-light exceptional shooting feature of this camera. Ultimately, connectivity is of no problem but is rather an icing on the cake because of the new USB-video connector hybrid port, not to mention yet the wireless and remote features the GH3 promises.

Aside from the now-electronic viewfinder with 1.7k-dot display, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 gauges the modern mirrorless technology and sensor prowess. With the sensor’s maximum resolution of 4608×3465, both photos and videos are a snap, more especially with the camera’s built-in dust-ignoring technology. Though the effective pixels for the Live MOS sensor is only 16.1MP, the sensor size of 17.3x13mm is swift and clean enough to take the slightest of detail with its new Venus Engine VII FHD processor. The lenses may be, yes, interchangeable with around 40 types worldwide, but the general results are outstanding even in higher ISO of up to 3200 without the graininess but only details marked professionally by its electronic stabilization.

Like most SLRs, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 showcases a wide range of shooting modes and smart filters to quickly deliver results without the need for remote editing. The GH3 is actually priced highly at around $1,299 (body only), but as for me, this compact system promises more than what I saw with a lot of DSLRs of today.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 Digital Camera Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 1,600.00 (body only)

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