Asus VivoBook X202e Windows 8 Touchscreen Laptop

Windows 8, the latest version of Windows with a lot of versions and that features the LiveTile wherein touch-screen displays would pay-off, has been released like a few weeks ago. With this on the atmosphere, leading manufacturing companies race to make the best of devices to cater such a platform in the most pleasing yet affordable way. Included in the products released with this purpose in mind is Asus’ new VivoBook X202e, which offers the said Windows completely as the base, plus ensuring touch interplay with potential users. Priced at around $600, should this VivoBook of Asus be the right choice for the new OS?

With an 11.6-inch display and with a body size of 11.9×7.9×0.9”, the Asus VivoBook X202e is by all means a no match when categorized according to build size. Since it is not that slim, we are still happy that it weighed relatively light enough to make it truly portable at a weight of 2.9lbs. The body features a seemingly thick black lid with the glossy Asus logo on it, and a grey base with a somewhat rubbery finish. The general aesthetics look pleasing to the eyes, and holding it is so much a delight because of its simplicity.

Coming with its material build are some few ports, which, as for me, still lack in value. Running around the bush, we would encounter the power port, a VGA port, an HDMI port, two USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port (why only one?), an Ethernet port, a multi-card reader, and a combo audio port for audio ins and outs. Actually the Asus VivoBook X202e comes in two versions wherein one sports a bigger display at 14”. However, as to our test model, we have an 11.6”-display with a poor resolution of 1366×768.

More with the display, I find the response with the touch screen a bit weak and shallow. Though the panel supports multi-touch and is seemingly well protected, touching a few number of pixels actually lack accuracy and responsiveness. This makes touching the ‘close button’ on the display a bit hard, and sometimes, you have to tap harder (or longer) to make the deep tap work. Viewing angles is also a bit not good, making this X202e of Asus a lonesome ultra-portable laptop on the go.

The chiclet-type keyboard sits well on a plasticky base, but each press is actually light and shallow as well. Though typing across the well-spread keyboard is easy and fast, mistakes are actually inevitable; to some extent, some keys sounded too much for a notebook this size. And lastly for the build, we have like six LED indicators on the front right that look cool but is actually confusing and distracting for new users.

And if we hope for a good performing body with this design from Asus, hope not that much. The Asus VivoBook X202e is actually down with its i3 processor of Intel, which at least is fortunate to have TurboBoost technology. Following this spec is the 4GB RAM and a standard storage of 500GB HDD. All these specs should run well with the new platform from Windows, though we’d wish for a higher spec to make performance truly awesome. Consistently, Asus added its Bang & Olufsen ICEpower speaker as a spice, so listening to music or watching discreet movies is a plus.

Lastly, to make the VivoBook X202e work, I am still a bit confused as to why Asus let this unit off the shore with a relatively poor battery life. The tested 4-6-hour battery life should be usually enough, however, for this laptop size, but we’d hope for a longer one to sustain its worth when compared to its price. For my verdict, the Asus VivoBook X202e is but a lonely laptop with features set to minimal, and is actually priced higher than expected if its target consumers are only the average users.

Asus VivoBook X202e Touchscreen Laptop Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 750.00

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