Sony Xperia TX High-end Android Smartphone

I can’t think of any better ways of describing Sony’s Xperia smartphones, and I just continue loving the line of phones that has the basic measures of reliability, connectivity, and entertainment. Featured by the company on IFA 2012, we have another Xperia for a new smartphone experience: the Xperia TX. Putting this as a flagship for the company in the said technology fair means only one thing: it has something worth promising about. I wondered what it really is, but let’s take a piece of moment trying to draw the phone out on a piece of paper.

The Xperia TX from Sony is the typical Xperia smartphone but without the Christmas light on it—an LED-notifying indicator that blinks in variably different colors and is usually situated below the display. The TX doesn’t have this, but instead went for a bigger crystal-clear display with the diagonal size of 4.55 inches. This is wide enough compared to the usual smartphones from competitors, and is usable in preferring the display over the usual capacitive buttons below the display.

The 16-M color projected in the said display of the Sony Xperia TX is gorgeous and vibrant with just the enough viewing angles. Its TFT multi-touch (10-point) display is well resolute at a pixel count of 1280×720 with 323ppi pixel density—a resolution peek enough for watching HD movies. The display may not have the Corning Gorilla glass, but is still handy and sturdy enough to endure the scratches and tackles it may get every day. Tapping through the capacitive display is fun without the feared lags, and letting your fingers dance along the wide display is nothing but joyous.

With the other aesthetic aspect, we have come also with the same ports and controls running around the edges, but the buttons do look a bit crowded, I think. With a body size set of 131×68.5×8.6mm, the phone from Sony is truly thin and slips just right to a pocket. It’s handy enough for one-hand navigating with its weight of 127 grams, which is average. And aside from the interchangeable 1750mAh battery, the slightly protruding 13MP camera with AF and flash is capable of very rich photos and full HD videos (a 1.3MP secondary camera is also available in front).

Coming in colors of black, white, or pink, we are not yet sure of its market price but we’ll be expecting its final release with a tag on it. Some of the features we are told about of the Sony Xperia TX are: smart apps like Album, Movies, and the vantage Walkman; 50GB free lifetime storage promo from the Box, NFC and DLNA capability for faster and more convenient data sharing, exclusive Sony entertainment hubs and sites for movies and songs with instant information and xLoud volume enhancement, PlayStation certification for Sony’s exceptional PS games, and many more. Summing up the features, we can just derive the fact that this new Xperia TX is dedicated for a more immersive entertainment and social experience without the fear of losing power because of its interchangeable battery as mentioned a while ago.

Sony still got its own beautiful interface that adds terrific sauce to Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich OS, though we’d hope for the new Jelly Bean as the standard. Nevertheless, performance-wise the Xperia TX is smooth with its 1.5GHz dual-core processor and Sony’s Bravia Engine. The phone doesn’t get the military-grade materials for its own endurance but we are still applausive to Xperia’s concave or arc design for a superior grip.

It’s not that hard to have an early verdict for this smartphone. As for me, I still wait for a good price, but basing on what we’ve learned, entertainment and social experience with the Sony Xperia TX is truly extended and maximized compared to the predecessors. We’ve got a fantastic camera and NFC to make this smartphone future-proof, but we’d still long for an upgraded OS, which is the Android Jelly Bean.

Sony Xperia TX Android Smartphone Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 795.00

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