Samsung Series 7 Gamer 17.3-inch Laptop Computer

Well, it’s not every time that we hear of manufacturing companies catering ‘gaming’ PCs to people. I honestly know of only one: Asus, and frankly I am so impressed from the design which is inspired by America’s stealth fighter down to its fiery specs and features. Today, I’ll put one big note on my calendar for another gaming device, and incredibly it’s from Samsung. Too good to be true, but should it compete well, or at least, does it have everything a gamer could ask? Let’s drive in.

The Samsung Series 7 Gamer speaks so much of its name, but honestly I do not know much about the ‘series 7’ the title talks about. The gamer of Samsung is a mammoth because of its 17” display, and expectedly, we have a full-range keyboard with NumPad, a slightly isolated arrow keys, classy vector designs right above the keyboard, and a full-black body. Compared to the said competitor, the Gamer doesn’t look like it is inspired by something. In fact, with the lid closed, all we see is a wide-bodied laptop that speaks of some prowess to performance… and that’s typically all.

For a $1,800 laptop, the 17.3-inch Samsung Series 7 Gamer should suffice for all computing and commodity needs. Gratefully, Samsung made the Gamer a top-notch also in terms to build and construction. The material may not look and feel premium for game category, and as said, the laptop just looks like a squash with no attractions at all. However, we are beat to death with a series of hi-speed USB ports, a Blu-ray drive, four stereo speakers, and an 8-cell Lithium-Ion battery—all are packed to sum up the gravitational 8.4 pounds as its massive weight.

Truly lucky as it gets, Samsung played well with gamers’ demands by putting up the best computing blocks to achieve the best graphical performance without the strain and heat. The Samsung Series 7 Gamer brags about its 3rd Generation Intel i7 processor, a very remarkable 6MB L3 cache, and a solid 16GB-DDR3 RAM. And speaking of the monster behind the graphics, the latest GTX 675M discrete GPU makes games like Crysis truly worth crying for with a head-turning 51 frames per second. Should you be fond of storing a lot of game installers aside from downloading and playing games online, you’ll be glad to have the terabytes of storage that you can always count on (coming optionally is a solid state drive that you can rely on for system load-ups).

Gaming for a screen display this size won’t even by punchy if you don’t get the right visual presentation. Thanks to the said graphics card, it made the 1080p display truly comforting and challenging. There may not be enough room for a great viewing angle that should be helpful in watching HD movies with families and friends, but the display is just more than enough for gaming. There’s a thrill here actually: the Samsung Series 7 Gamer will soon be integrating a 3D display for a more advanced excitement to playing games.

Since we are into gaming this time, the Samsung Series 7 Gamer is actually ready for bouts from boot-up to battery consumption which as tested lasted for at least 3 hours. One feature is the blue backlight for the keyboard with special red lights on the WASD keys, which helps gamers engage more with games under a room where the only thing that shines is the display. Together with the backlit keyboard is the said dashboard above the keyboard that dances during games (though a bit distracting), a mode dial on the far right of the laptop for performance switching, the Dolby Home Theater enhancement, and a new yellow design (the one we said with the 3D feature) which will be featured real soon.

It’s quite easy to do a verdict for the Samsung Series 7 Gamer. As for me, I think this laptop is more of a desktop PC because of its body size and weight, but its price and big body build is justified by its superior performance and hardware technology. If I’d be comparing this with the said competitor, I think this Gamer’s entrance is like a giant stepping on a tree.

Samsung Series 7 Gamer Laptop Computer Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 2,200.00

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