HP Omni 27-1015t All-in-One Desktop Computer

AIO (all-in-one) PCs have gone so much today to the market to solve one primary concern: wires. And yes, making PCs as compact as possible is a great way to make things easier to handle especially making them portable without the hassle; the easy carry handles, though heavy they are, are but a fruit that we can also enjoy with the innovation. Leading companies have offered several designs already, but only a few did hit the note just right. Today we have HP’s another flagship, if not a prototype, that will deliver a new look to the usual media centers of today: the Omni 27-1015t.

The HP Omni 27-1015t is a 27” AIO PC that is packed with real gorgeous glass finish for the display. Being said so, the price that was offered before of about $1,000 is justified aside from the unit’s performing power. Knowing some limits that we shall discus a bit later, the price has slashed down dramatically to less than a grand. But looking at the display as we are talking about, the gloss is so fine that even light reflects on it. Is it a feature? No. It’s pretty disgusting especially when you try to adjust the tilt (and yes, you cannot really tilt the display smoothly, but I think it is to make the panel totally sturdy).

Supporting the whole PC is a full-beam metal frame that terminates to the ground with a non-control support foot. Coming with the package is a full-brick power adaptor and wire (and the adaptor is so gigantic), the wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse, and the unit itself—all foamed into a big piece of industrial-grade box. The Omni 27-1015t runs in Windows 7 Home Premium as a primary standard but buyers can choose between different configurations with the Ultimate version included in the list.

The 27” display is typically massive making the HP Omni 27-1015t really a media center, but is it really? I bet no. The HD display is highly resolute at 1080p (1920×1080) though some displays of this size have been offered with 1440p. Yes, the resolution is definitely enough, but we are not also pleased with the viewing angles when tested. Aside from the said reflections, the display brightness is not that totally pleasing for a group of people to stare on, moreover because the slightly tilted angle can produce a strain to the neck. And the worst with the big display is that it is not touch-capable, making it a false item for the entry of Windows 8 that requires touch especially to bigger displays.

And if media center is really the term for this PC from HP, we are glad to hear gorgeous audio quality from it with its Beats audio enhancement (a lot of HP devices already come with this integration). The enhancement also works with the headphone out for added dimension when listening privately, though there’s not enough boom for the bass, making the optional subwoofer really a valid option. More with being a media center is its slot-loaded DVD reader/writer that is unfortunately upgradable to a Blu-ray one for extra bucks. There’s no TV out or any IR for easy TV tuning and handling, and there’s also no HDMI out but only in. With this said, the big display is at least useful for game consoles.

The hardware, overall, is not really designed to be cracked open compared to competitors who offer tool-free personal reconfiguration like adding extra RAM. Nevertheless, the HP Omni 27-1015t boasts of its performance with its 2nd or 3rd Generation Intel Processors of up to i7, 6-8GB of RAM, 1-2TB of storage (and there’s no SSD), and the mighty discrete NVIDIA or AMD graphics card that can go up to 2GB. There are also other hardware components like 6 USB ports (2x 3.0 and 4x 2.0) and a card reader.

Lastly, it must also be noted that I think the HP Omni 27-1015t is packed with a lot of bloatware, though I am thankful for the generous Norton Internet Security that is usable for like a year or more. The HP’s Magic Canvas is nothing but a waste because the display’s not even touch-capable. We are hopeful for better configurations for this PC without getting the price hike, but nevertheless, the 27” PC should do every day multimedia experience truly fantastic.

HP Omni 27-1015t All-in-One Desktop Computer Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD):
Approximately S$ 1,250.00

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