Epson Expression Home XP-400 Small-in-One Printer

Printers are getting bigger and bigger in less than the years expected because it aims to shoot to more versatile customers, particularly to those who want to extend printing capabilities even to large-format ones. However, cognizant of this rival behavior of consumers, still there are people who’d prefer the classics, i.e., the simpler ones. Thanks to Epson’s idea of bringing something back to life: a very handy all-in-one printer but in a very virtual portability. Introducing the new Expression Home XP-400 Small-in-One.

Epson has gladly introduced us this model’s predecessors and twins like the XP-200, which shared almost the same features, but the Epson Expression Home XP-400 still got the top-notch as a flagship for the small-in-one class. With a body dimension of 15.4×11.8×5.7” on storage mode, the XP-400 is but truly handy and versatile to put even above a microwave oven (though I don’t recommend you’d try) without worrying about the space and wires. More thanks to its wireless technology, you can print from virtually anywhere around the house or even around the globe without the hassle of walking near it.

Coming in a well-framed black body and with a weight of 9lbs., the Epson Expression Home XP-400 Small-in-One is just the right printer for low-volume printing. Featured in this design from the Expression Home series is its new touch control panel, wherein a 2.5”-LCD display greets you with well-thought and intuitive menu items, controlled by a 4-way dial. The control panel can be shifted up to an angle for easy viewing though the display itself is not what we expect it to be so great at. For added accessibility, we have a card reader on the bottom left of the body for easy photo printing from cameras or smartphones, though we’d wish for a flash drive slot also (USB).

Since we expected the Epson Expression Home XP-400 Small-in-One printer to be truly small, the scanbed and printer paper size is but optimal only for 8.5-inches in width. The said scanbed is well resolute at a maximum of 10200 x 14040-interpolated dots per inch (dpi), and is relatively quick when compared even to full-sized printers. For the scanning pane, unfortunately we do not have an auto-duplexing mechanism for extra amount of power for printing and scanning remotely, but thanks to its integrated guide to manual duplexing to avoid confusions and complexities which results to waste of resources.

Moreover, it’s the same terrific feeling we have with this printer’s separate ink cartridges of black plus cyan, magenta, and yellow—the major printing color model scheme. Though this is better than having multiple cartridges seen in photo-printing laser printers, we are not happy with the price for each cartridge, which at today’s case tends to be pricier because of the DuraBrite feature. The said feature is nevertheless truly helpful for people on-the-fly since images printed can be touched instantly because of its quick-dry and non-fading quality. Ultimately, as said, the printer gets even faster than common laser printers with the speed of 8.7 ISO ppm (4.5 for colored).

And we must not ignore the Epson Expression Home XP-400 Small-in-One’s outstanding feature: its embracing of the wireless and cloud technologies of today. Included in the list of items for this feature are: Wi-Fi ‘N’ (a newer version of Wi-Fi which is promised to be speedier and easier to connect) for remote printing from around the house, the Epson Connect Email Print (users get a unique e-mail address for this printer wherein they can send attachments for instant prints wherever the printer is, as long as the printer is on and ready), Google Cloud Print (extremely useful for people who have documents and files on the cloud), and the very special AirPrint of Apple. All these said, printing in this XP-400 is fast, simple, reliable, and friendly no matter the input resource whether it be from a PC or from a tablet.

Priced at just $100, the Epson Expression Home XP-400 Small-in-One is truly handy and commendable for people who want speedy response with just the right image quality. We truly would not want a real photo print quality here (though we have some good features like borderless printing and in-store cropping); still we have everything we get here from copying to printing wherever we may be.

Epson Expression Home XP-400 Small-in-One Printer Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 120.00

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