Sony Xperia Miro Android Smartphone

Never have I encountered a mobile phone that is chained to Facebook as close as that of the new Miro from the Xperia series of Sony. The said series has been widely reputed as a solid unit capable of specific features like camera, music, or even the body. However, for this new Xperia, we are faced with a new question: another Xperian identity?

I definitely love the way the Miro is called even by its own company: Xperia with Facebook. Too obvious in the name, the main feature in this new design is that it interacts very, very well with the said social network. With the phone at hand, you can post a ‘like’ or jot a comment on almost anything and the device syncs it up real time with the network. You can do these like even listening to a song through an FM station, letting your friends know of what’s hot and what’s not through your own music player, upload videos and pictures in real time while you save copies in your own device, viewing Facebook photo albums via phone’s photo album, and more. It only lacks one thing: a more powerful browsing experience though 3G connectivity is swift enough for Facebook.

Well, that’s the main feature. I am still a bit itchy here to tell something more about the Sony Xperia Miro. Though the design does not sport a good camera, the 5MP rear camera is already crisp and crunchy enough especially for Facebook or web in general. More with the camera, its video power is smooth enough at 30fps for VGA, and comes packed for holidays with the continuous autofocus feature, video light option, and enhanced picture stabilization.

The Sony Xperia Miro was released like around the first week of September, meaning it is still fresh from the oven to take along. However, looking at the specifications, the Miro is not a mean match to other high-end smartphones. It is anyhow justifiable since the phone is designed majorly for web, i.e., Facebook, but still we lack some pulps here to give more juice. The Sony Xperia Miro uses Android Ice Cream Sandwich (well, not the new Jelly Bean), a Qualcomm chipset with less than a gig of processor power, and a fraction of the RAM great smartphones possess, i.e., only 512MB. The phone is cased with only about 2GB usable storage memory, but we are happy to know that additional cards are welcomed.

Like some models from Sony, the Xperia Miro also comes with a Christmas light, humorously speaking. What I mean is, the phone has a unique alert in the form of a discreet blue light that flashes in a speed that you set beforehand. This is helpful to some especially in making them know of a new Facebook notification, but is a bit distracting to others. Nevertheless, the pulsing light does not tamper the overall design of the Miro.

The Sony Xperia Miro also is thicker than it is expected with a depth of 9.9mm. There’s not much to say about the aesthetics of the body except that it can come in different colors upon packaging (you can choose from solid black, black with carved pink dash, white with silver dash, and while with gold dash). At least, we are fortunate that the display panel has a scratch-resistive layer that is also resistant with light reflections, though not the Gorilla glass we anticipate in newer phones.

Lastly, since this is a ‘Sony,’ we are also expectant of a quality stereo sound. The Xperia Miro did not lack the juice when it comes to music, and instead loads up with the xLOUD technology for a louder music sharing experience. Music can be played online through Sony’s Music Unlimited (which you have to subscribe first) or offline without the usual ads to crowd up your screen. Pricing will be like $290 in the highest extent, but I am pretty sure that will be cut down in less than a year.

Sony Xperia Miro Android Smartphone Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 300.00 

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