Sony SLT-A65 DSLR Camera

Sony has had delivered magnificent tools for its people for so many years now, and among the tools are handy cameras that cater to both rookies and pros alike. There have been many DSLRs released by this company that took a clean slot in the competition with famous manufactures like Nikon and Canon; though it doesn’t win back the gold medal, it still takes a good smiling face back to its fans. Today we have a new Alpha model that is about to give a new idea to DLSRs of today: the Sony SLT-A65.

The Sony SLT-A65 possesses the comfort and ergonomics of its predecessor, which is the A77. With more mountainous curves and with the feel as like a textured plastic, there is also a rubbery finish especially on the thumb rest that can be found on the rear side of the camera. There’s also a drastic change to the overall layout of the buttons, and some controls were made to be accessed by the left had especially those along the barrel. Weighing just about 1.6oz with battery and cards on it, the A65 is not the lightest of cameras with a body size of 132x97x81mm.

Some things that we came across with the exterior of the Sony SLT-A65 are: a tilting 921k-dot LCD screen which now is pivoted on the bottom, a direct switch between AF to MF which is located alongside with the lens, a semi-transparent mirror which makes this A65 a standout when looking beyond the lens, the new digital EVF with 2.4M dots for solid pixel display of up to 1024×768, an Fn button for quick access to basic settings and menu items, a rear dial for controlling basic options from display mode down to creative effects filters, a new-looking stereo microphone caged in a grille-type metal, and the separated battery house against the cards slots.

We are also promised of some new features from Sony for the SLT-A65. Aside from a truly resolute 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor, the camera is also powered with a burst rate of 10fps with phase-detection AF plus live view (not to mention yet the 1080p HD output of up to 60fps). The said sensor can also serve as an EFC (electronic front-curtain) shutter that can cut down the light upon activating the sensor electronically. The result is a well-rounded exposure for the image.

Some other features for this A65 from Sony’s Alpha series are: an enhanced object tracking feature that plays well with burst shooting, a 3-way continuous advance priority AE, an in-camera GPS with more controls like time correction to downloading assist data, a very useful handheld twilight mode that can sometimes substitute ISO reconfigurations, dynamic range optimization (DRO) that naturalizes brightness level in an image without risking local contrast, sweep panorama, and more playback options for video shooting.

With the camera’s performance, we are glad to notice the new firmware (1.03 as reported) that comes pre-installed for a speedier performance especially with navigating through menus and options. Overall, the Sony SLT-A65 performs well with shooting between JPEG and RAW, though buffering especially with the burst shooting might sometimes be laggy. The three shooting modes of Lo, Hi, and Continuous Advance priority can be accessed differently along with the controls, and one downside recorded so far is its failing live view in terms to the latter mode.

Lastly, we are still pleased with a lot of mini-features like modes and scenes for photographers to choose from without leaving the device. There’s also a decent battery life of up to 560 shots, though for a powerful camera like this, we are already asking for more. Priced around $900, the Sony SLT-A65 is a well-equipped camera with the latest technology to harvest every fruitful memory to life especially to professional photographers.

Sony SLT-A65 DSLR Camera Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 1,100.00 (Body Only)

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