Motorola MOTOACTV Sports Watch

Tired of trying to unweave the ever-tangling wires of your headset plugged into your phone or MP4? How about wishing that bringing a phone along could help you ease your sweaty activities than adding an extra disturbance? I think these questions may happen to us especially to sports enthusiasts who go for a jog every Monday morning. Through the years we are bombarded with fitness enhancements like heart rate monitors that we can bring along, but no company has yet outdid themselves as much as Motorola. The MOTOACTV from the said company is just what we would ask to have as a total fitness companion.

I think I must start with the price. Fortunately, the company is proud to announce that the $249 price (which is equivalent to the price of a good smartphone already) is getting slashed off to $149 for the 8Gb version of the gadget. This may still sound a bit pricey and may still seem like saving an amount will mean more sweat than promised, but let’s just at least know what’s in it that we are guaranteed to pay for.

O, here it is: the list. I’m too terrified to list the features of the Motorola MOTOACTV one after another without saying something so let me just start on what this gadget mainly brags about: it is a wrist watch. Though it really is a wristwatch, the essential purpose is not really one. As said, this gadget is a fitness monitoring device that accurately records—and uploads—your performance down from simple heartbeat rate to the latest scores in your favorite sport LIVE. What this means to you is that you get the chance to take track of your daily fitness level while enjoying the inspirations that you have outside your doors.

Another great feature is the music player. With the Motorola MOTOACTV on your wrist, you can literally choose your playlist to play along as you jog every day, and these playlists can be quickly synchronized with your WMP or with your iTunes. It’s that flexible. With the pre-installed storage, you can store up to 4,000 songs along your way, and in just few taps on the capacitive display, you will be led to your adrenaline-triggering music.

Upon understanding that whatever location you are standing on is digitally scaled and tracked per coordinate, the Motorola MOTOACTV is geared with a very reliable GPS system. This technology will keep your records done in the most bulletproof way, and these records can be uploaded online to let you see your progress like the distance, your speed, your achievements, and more. Better than this, you also get a live map that tells you the safe spots and the routes you can safely jog on no matter the hour of the day.

Do you have problem with staying connected with your love ones or your peers during a contest that you set along with your friends who have the same gadget? No worries. The Motorola MOTOACTV is capable of letting users go online and stay up in their social networking sites. Plus in the service is your real-time SMS and call monitoring that promptly tells you of your messages or call history. Unfortunately, this only works with Motorola mobile phones.

The design of the Motorola MOTOACTV comes in a solid case with a total body weight of 35 grams. The dimensions of 46mm2 may not be totally friendly and may even be bulky to some, but upon getting used to this, the only problem you’ll encounter probably is the sweat that gets trapped beneath the material. The body is water-resistant and is safe even for excessive sweat exposure, and the band is not easily tampered even under extreme activities. Moreover, the Bluetooth that plays along with the unique Android platform gets your audio wireless, and you can play your lovely music for regular working hours long. The biggest downside for this model, I think, is that you get to be pressured to buy accessories like heart rate sensor and even the optional bike mount if you really want to get the most out of what was promised.

For my verdict, I see the Motorola MOTOACTV as a very rare innovation, especially on the idea that Android devices are getting smaller in less than a time. The price may still be too much and the accessories may still be annoying to bring along for a cycling session, but the thing really works especially the GPS. This is best for professional sports inspirations.

Motorola MOTOACTV Sports Watch Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 185.00 (Starting Price)

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