HP Z1 All-in-One PC

A $4700 PC, anyone? That sounds just right, and I feel like I’m having elephantiasis with it. The new all-in-one PC from HP—the Z1—is remarkably a statue of liberty for awesome and industry artists and media engineers with its massive 27-inch diagonally sized IPS display. One thing amazing is that the said price can actually slide down to a grand by slashing some features. But what are the things you might need to know about this tower, I mean, power?

The new HP Z1 is specifically designed for media professionals that deal with large-scale rasters and render HD videos all day long. The IPS display with a gigantic resolution of 2560×1440 is actually 178-degree wide-angle viewable without losing the quality. Plus in the mighty-of-mightiest display is the 30-bit panel that, when compared to other IPS of 16million in color, can give up to billions of colors. What these all mean is that, especially if you are a graphic and motion designer by profession, you get the minutest of detail displayed at a snap with all the richness and depth you expect the picture would be displayed. Moreover, watching HD movies and playing games (some activities that you might want to do just to maximize the size) is as crispy as thin-crust pizzas, and you get to share the vibrant details with your family and friends sitting around you.

Sounds a lot too cool for the display in this HP tower, but not that much if you want to deal with daily tasks like office and explorer. A screen this big for you to encode your daily fondue recipe is like trying to put letters on a TV screen few inches away from you, which is a bit of trouble. Web surfing is kind of a tragedy also since web pages that are specifically designed for 1024x768p display screen tend to look too centered (or left-aligned) with a lot of spaces or repeated images on the sides, which are disturbing. But if you open Adobe products like Premier, or other design software like Corel Draw, you will surely smile with the ample amount of spaces for you to see the object as clear as possible without the need to scroll up and down, left and right.

Since we are talking about the edge this new Z1 from HP can guarantee to industry-standard professionals, we now delve into the engine that runs the silo. The design builds into itself Intel Xeon E3 as the main processor with Intel C206 as the chipset. The said processor is not prominent and may sound too downtown compared to the 3rd Generation Ivy Bridge i7 Processor, but the otherwise says the truth. More with the power working behind the big screen is the RAM that comes packaged as 8GB, but additional slots can make up to 32Gb for smoother HD video rendering in real-time. For the storage, we get the choice between choosing SATA drives that can come up to 2TB in capacity, or a SATA SSD that can bag up to 300GB. As for the graphic machine, we are offered NVIDIA Q1000M card—a real performer, or if you ask for more, an NVIDIA Q4000M.

Let’s talk about the two biggest things you need to know with this factory-machine. The first one is that, no matter how HP made the Z1 stands sturdy and dominating, you can actually tear parts apart or open the case like you usually do on with a file case. This feature enables users to quickly snap-and-tap components for upgrades or downgrades without using screwdrivers.

The other thing that you want to know is that, the HP Z1 is not fancy at all. The brushed aluminum case looks bulletproof though it does not cover the whole of the machine. The PC looks more like it should be on a secret forensic agency than on a living room, and once the screen position and angle is adjusted, you do not want to move it again thinking of how heavy it is at a weight of 22kgs.

More specs that you might want to ask about the HP Z1 are: multiple USB ports plus FireWire, the SRS premium sound feature, the 15-degree-rotatable HD front-facing webcam, slot-loading Blu-ray optical drive, and your assurance of 3 years in factory warranty.

HP Z1 All-in-One PC Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD):
Approximately S$ 5,700.00

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