LG Optimus L7 P700 Android Smartphone

As I child, I used to have the dream of seeing a refrigerator in the smallest size possible. Though this may sound foolish or too downtown, I would want to assert that refrigerators do have a very modern design: sleek, simple, plain, and easy. No complications, in short; features are all in the inside.

As per smartphones and other gadgets of today, I would want the same concept also. This is why I want to give a big hug to LG—one of the leading appliance and electronics solutions provider—for putting their new Optimus L7 P700 on the nest with a very easy design. Available in black and white with a price of about $330, this eye-caressing design gives the L-series a real boost in the marketplace. The metallic edges that wrap around the casing give the model a very stylish yet durable feel and grip for everyday use. By sporting fewer buttons and visible ports, this LG breakthrough brings simplicity at the greatest cost possible.

Weighing around 121g in record, the LG Optimus L7 P700 showcases a very powerful 1GHz Cortex A5 processor that is unbelievably capable of serious mobile experience. Featuring also the latest Android OS version (Ice Cream Sandwich) that gives amazing application customizations, this mid-priced smartphone will not leave its users on the back seat.

The TFT LED display with a multi-touchable size of 4.3 inches of the LG Optimus L7 P700 is also something worth gossiping about. Though the resolution of 800×480 may not be good enough to accommodate HD movies, the screen size still gives a good room for tapping and swiping however it may be without worrying about durability; the Corning Gorilla Glass will take good care of the screen against scratches and sudden tackles.

While it is almost famous for LG smartphones to feature multiple homescreens in swipes, the Optimus L7 P700 also integrates a very unique user interface named Optimus UI 3.0. This adds to the spice of navigating between buttons and pages without getting bored of the usual Android color and feel.

Widgets are also among the most generously populated feature in one same phone. Some of the widgets are from Android and LG standard services while some are from Google like Google Play, Latitude, Google Plus, and more. Users can literally make customizations faster and easier with simple drag-and-drop option.

While experience-wise, the LG Optimus L7 P700 is already good enough for both fashion and everyday use in communication and connectivity, the sole 1GHz processor may still not work good enough with the other specs of this device. Downloading or working with HTML5 pages seemed slow, which is relatively annoying. Though for some this lag is not observable, the short pauses usually appear as a late response making users tap again to the same button.

But no matter what we nag about these shortcomings from the LG Optimus L7 P700, still it has a lot more to say. Adding to the performing capacity of this phone is a good Qualcomm MSM7227A Snapdragon chipset making it modern and light. The battery life is also fair enough though that I would bet users would want to work for more hours. The unit also has a package of sensors that include accelerometer, proximity, and compass. Better than these, the 5MP camera with autofocus and LED flash is enjoyable enough, much more with the geo-tagging feature and a very powerful touch focus. Unfortunately, you do not want to use this for video shooting. Adding to the connectivity also, the LG Optimus L7 P700 is not capable of connecting to 4G, though I don’t really think a lot of users are looking for this in the suburban areas.

My claim for this phone is simple: a great call for style. As I’ve said, the design is as simple and elegant as a refrigerator, but the inside may still have to be stored up.

What’s your verdict? I want to hear yours, too.

LG Optimus L7 P700 Android Smartphone Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 400.00

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