Samsung NX20 Digital Camera

The NX20 is a mirrorless 20.3 MP compact system digital camera from Samsung. Like the company’s Galaxy series of Android smartphones and tablet computers, Samsung’s range of NX mirrorless cameras somehow found themselves imbued with AMOLED technology. In addition, the Samsung NX20 has a built-in wireless connectivity and GPS, also features that are commonly seen in smartphones. The inclusion of Wi-Fi in the device along with its compatibility with Android devices and Windows PCs seems like a step towards everything becoming connected. With GPS on the other hand, images can be tagged with their location, which is especially useful when sharing images on the Internet.

As mentioned, the Samsung NX20 uses a 20.3MP sensor. The sensor measures 23.5 x 15.7mm and is CMOS type with 1.5x focal length. Physically, the camera measures 122 x 89.6 x 39.5mm and weighs 341g without the batteries and memory card included. It is aimed at advanced users who can handle certain professional features of the camera and who don’t mind spending extra money for these. As it turns out, the Samsung NX20’s main rivals would include the Sony NEX-7, Olympus OM-D E-M5, and the Panasonic G3.

The advantage of having a mirrorless CSC instead of a DSLR is that they are lighter and therefore can be brought conveniently while traveling, They are also pocketable but awkwardly so, and will do well inside the knapsack. The large APS-C sensor of the NX20 has a wider surface area than that found in typical compact cameras. This means that an increased quality at high sensitivities is possible, as well as higher resolution images, or either of the compromise between the two. Although the 20.3 MP effective pixels on the NX20 isn’t the highest resolution APS-C sensor currently available, it nonetheless gives high quality pictures even when shooting at high ISOs. The lens contains a customizable button that can be used to access a range of adjustments, which includes aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity and exposure compensation.

As for the lenses, Samsung offers quite a reasonable selection that is compatible with the NX20. This includes zoom lenses that can cover moderate wide angle to telephoto focal lengths, and several kinds of compact pancake-type prime lenses. However, advanced users may find the camera lacking in terms of ultra-wide angle, super-telephoto and fast aperture lenses. In addition, the Samsung NX20 has currently just a few third-party lens options available.

For video recording, the Samsung NX20 is able to shoot clips up to 25 minutes long in 1080p high definition resolution. Frame rates go up to 30 frames per second. Recording quality though may not be that sophisticated since the camera has no ports or connectors in which to attach a standard 3.5 mm or XLR microphone. Samsung however offers a proprietary external microphone called the EM10, which attaches via the hot shoe.

Like every current compact system camera and DSLR, the Samsung NX20 offers incredibly wide range of ISO sensitivities to go up to 12800. In addition to the NX20’s hybrid system, it uses both a mechanical and electronic shutter, which enables the camera to achieve a maximum shutter speed of 1/8000sec. Also, continuous shots can take 15 full resolution JPEG images at eight frames per second.

The manual creative exposure modes are present for advanced users, together with some automatic options for those who still need some help. Samsung offers a ‘Smart’ automatic mode that analyzes the scene and consequently applies an appropriate scene program. The ‘I’ and Scene modes on the other hand enable the user to choose the automatic preset. All of these make for high quality images, which are relatively free of noise and well detailed even at higher ISOs.

Samsung NX20 Digital Camera Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD):
Approximately S$ 1,350.00

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