Motorola Xyboard 8.2 Android Tablet

Motorola Xyboard 8.2 Android Tablet Price in Singapore, Features, and Specs: The Xyboard 8.2 is a tablet computer that was released around the end of last year by the company that paved the way to those tablet devices that sported the then new Android Honeycomb OS. The Xyboard 8.2 is the successor of the first Honeycomb tablet, the Motorola Xoom. In fact, it seems that elsewhere other than the U.S., the Xyboard is called the Xoom 2. In addition to some revamped specs, the Xyboard 8.2 also now comes with a bonus LTE connectivity.

Design-wise, the Motorola Xyboard 8.2 has carried over that dark and industrial look despite the fact that it has been made slimmer, lighter, and overall better to the touch than the device that came before it. The design is accentuated by a metal inset on the back that is held in place by six exposed screws. The back is also slightly raised and has been rubberized to aid the grip on the device. The tab seems like is never in danger of slipping out of the hand. The combination of surfaces and depths gives the Xyboard 8.2 a much better and nicer feel compared to other devices that were currently in the market at the time of its release.

In addition to the lightness and thinness, the Motorola Xyboard 8.2 is also comfortable to carry around compared to the Transformer Prime or iPad 2 that have sharp edges. It sports tapered corners that do not cut the hand. However, despite its comparative thinness and lightness to its predecessor, it is nonetheless is thicker than its aforementioned competitors at 0.35 inches and 0.85 pounds. The Samsung Galaxy Tab however still weighs more.

When it comes to button placement, the Motorola Xyboard 8.2 makes the same mistake of its predecessor by having the power toggle button in an inconvenient place. The button falls right under the index finger when the tab is oriented in portrait mode, which is very impractical since the user would typically spend a lot of time finding it the first instance he or she uses the tablet. Also, one has to spend a lot of effort to access the volume rocker. With the buttons at the back of the device, the left and right edges are now freer to host some ports, plugins, and protrusions. There is an IR blaster, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, two speakers, plugs for microUSB and microHDMI, and a slot for the microSIM to connect the device with LTE.

The Motorola Xyboard 8.2 sports an LCD display that has a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, and needless to say, measures 8.2 inches in diagonal. Surprisingly, viewing angles are extremely good and the color reproduction very accurate. The screen though does look a bit flat but that’s when compared to the higher end Super AMOLED Plus panels that Samsung have been using.

In terms of hardware, the Motorola Xyboard 8.2 is packed with impressive specs but nonetheless too ordinary by today’s standards. It runs on a 1.2GHz Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 processor, has 1 GB worth of RAM, and 32 GB worth of flash memory storage. There is a 16GB version available as well. It has all the usual sensors like a gyroscope, accelerometer, and ambient light sensor. Wireless connectivity is achieved using Bluetooth 2.1 plus EDR, and 802.11 b/g/n network.

Performance-wise, swiping through the device’s menu exhibit some form of lag. Although the transitions are fairly quick they are not as smooth as, say, that of the Asus Transformer Prime. There are also some frequent hangs when opening the photo gallery and movie player. Surfing the web on the other hand is fairly quick, that if you also have a fast Internet connection.

Overall, the Motorola Xyboard 8.2 seems like a fairly good tablet computer but it doesn’t stand out much in terms of performance.

Motorola Xyboard 8.2 Android Tablet Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 550.00 (Starting Price)

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