Sharp Aquos LC-70LE735U 3D HDTV Price in Singapore, Features, and Specs

Sharp Aquos LC-70LE735U 3D HDTV Price in Singapore, Features, and Specs: The Aquos LC-70LE735U is a large screen television from Sharp. It offers an excellent viewing quality with impressive black levels, an excellent contrast ratio, and nice, sharp image detailing and full vibrant colors thanks to its Quattron technology. It also has a high quality and active shutter 3D processor. All of these are contained within a system fronted by massive 70-inch LED (69.5 inch in diagonal) backlit panel that offers plenty of viewing real estate. Further more, it offers the user an extensive picture quality control so there’s really a lot more viewing flexibility for everyone. However, the Sharp Aquos LC-70LE735U is rather expensive compared to other models, and only caters to a limited number of web applications. 3D viewing is also compromised by cost since it would take extra 3D glasses to fully appreciate the experience.

Physically, the Sharp LC-70LE735U holds the record of being one of the largest LCD HDTV there is. Behind the panel is a full array of LEDs bordered by a rather thick cabinet. On the top and sides, the set measures around 1.75 inches, and just out an extra 3.5 inches at the bottom. The bezel is a glossy black, with an extension at the bottom containing the built-in 3D emitter, an optical picture control or OPC light sensor, as well as the remote sensor. In the center of the sensor bar itself sits an inverted V-shaped power indicator that is quite nifty in appearance, and something that is common in all of Sharp’s HDTVs.

The Power, Input, Channel Up/Down, and Volume Up/Down buttons are located on the right side, while four HDMI ports, a USB port, and an audio output are located on the left side. At the back are two sets of composite A/V jacks, one set of component jacks, VGA and RS-232 connectors, Ethernet and coaxial cable/antenna jacks, a secondary USB port, and two audio jacks for digital-out and PC-in connections. The base itself supports that 93-pound cabinet. However, it doesn’t offer a swivel effect, but still does a good job in keeping the whole set steady and away from wobbles.

The Sharp LC-70LE735U comes with a 9.5-inch slender remote that contains a total of 57 buttons. Physically, it has a two-tone black finish and silver trimmings on the sides. The keys and D-Pad are very responsive, and are accompanied by a dedicated 3D button that can be used to enable 3D mode as well as to convert a 2D frame to 3D. The television itself detects a 3D signal automatically. There is also an Apps button that launches a toolbar in the TV that enables the user to scroll through and select web applications and widgets.

Performance-wise, the Quad Pixel technology in the Sharp LC-70LE735U enables it to give full vibrant color reproductions, like in many other Sharp devices that use this innovation. Reds and greens are accurate, while blues are slightly oversaturated. Black leveling, in particularly, is excellent. Off-angle viewing is quite good especially considering that it is an LCD panel. There is only a minimal loss of luminance and colors on the sides. Using its 240 Hz feature, motion blur is practically non-existent.

In terms of power consumption, the Sharp LC-70LE735U averaged 177 watts of power even when power saving mode is disabled, which means that it is not that power hungry compared to many HDTVs in the market. Regardless of the mode, picture quality is not compromised. In particular, enabling the advanced power mode triggers the OPC ambient light sensor mentioned earlier. This can decrease power usage to up to 77 watts, although at this point, the picture can become far too dim.

Sharp Aquos LC-70LE735U 3D HDTV Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 3,800.00

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