Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Details

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Details: The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 is a pocket-size device with a 5-inch screen and an Android 2.3 smartphone operating system. It can be an appealing alternative to other players out on the market and you never know, it might just meet your needs.

The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 offers quite a few features that cannot be found on its competition. It offers a front and rear camera, GPS (Global Positioning System), Bluetooth, as well as support for Google’s array of official mobile applications like Gmail, the Android Market and Google Talk. The last feature will be especially useful if one has invested in Android Market applications since the Galaxy Player is a compatible device that could run these applications.

Anyone used to a Samsung Android phone’s interface will feel quite right at home with the bold-looking icons of the Galaxy Player 5.0. There are several installed apps, including the ThinkFreeOffice suite that allows you to manage documents on the go. The Galaxy Player is also good when it comes to managing content that is already on the device and gives the user more control over their files compared to the competition.

The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 is around half an inch thick and has the similar glossy white plastic used on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0. The end result, by which we mean the media playback, is fine. A good side of the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 is its big, bright screen. The player offers superb viewing angles and is very responsive to touch. The resolution of the wide screen is 800×480 pixels and is somewhat grainy, but, on the plus side, the Galaxy Player handles a wide array of video formats. Several, but not limited to these, video formats include DIVX, MPEG4, XVID and WMV. The streaming of videos from both YouTube and Netflix also works well.

When it comes to capturing pictures and recording videos, the rear camera of the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 is capable of capturing standard-definition 720×480 pixels of video footage resolution and the photo resolution goes up to 3.2 megapixels or 2,048 x 1,536 pixels.

The battery rate of the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 is at 8 hours’ worth of video playback and 60 hours of audio playback, or around 2 and a half days’ worth of listening to music. Samsung uses a single core 1GHz Hummingbird processor for the Galaxy Player and 512 MB worth of RAM, when it comes to system performance, and it gets the job done well, giving one the feel of a miniaturized Galaxy Tab 7. On-board storage for the player is listed at 8GB, plenty enough for music. If you are looking for more storage space, maybe for your video collection or whatnot, consider investing for a microSD card.

The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 is a fun, pocket-sized, kid-friendly media player that can store a wealth of games and apps, and even more if you invest in a microSD for the player. Android also gives you the freedom to choose a third-party player option on the Android Market that will suit your fancy.

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 330.00

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