LG Z330 Ultrabook Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Details

LG Z330 Ultrabook Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Details: The Z330 is the first ultrabook released by LG. In fact, the company calls it rather redundantly as a “Super Ultrabook”, claiming it to have surpassed the standards laid out by Intel. However, looking closely at what it can potentially offer so far, there is nothing much impressive about the whole device although it does pack a lot of power.

Physically, the LG Z330 features a brushed aluminum look both at the outside and inside of the device. It also comes with the all too familiar wedge shape, making it not much different in terms of looks from those ultrabooks offered by HP, Dell, or Samsung. In fact, it comes temptingly close to resembling the MacBook Air, which easily makes the Z330 another one of those aluminum clad laptop devices pitted against Apple. However, taken alone, the Z330 does look very handsome – the lines are clean and the wedge shape evenly tapered. This gives the ultrabook an overall classy, rather sophisticated look.

The LG Z330 has a well-spaced keyboard that is responsive and decent enough for typing. The device also comes with a rather big track pad, which is convenient in terms of size but not so much in terms of appearance since it has been integrated almost seamlessly into the palm rest, hence it is difficult to see. The trackpad contains a single click button that makes it kind of fiddly but still decent in its job.

In terms of dimensions, the LG Z330 sits at only 14.7 mm thick so that it is very portable, something that ultrabooks are made for. It weighs 1.21 kg, which is light enough for it to be carried around all day. Connectivity-wise, the Z330 doesn’t have such an outstanding selection. On the left is one USB port and a network port that needs to be plug into an adaptor in order to connect with an Ethernet cable. Also on the left hand is a large vent for airflow, which is kind of a queer idea but something that really gives much service to the device. The right side on the other hand contains the headphone socket, HDMI port, and a second USB port.

The LG Z330 contains a slot for a microSD card but not an SD card that is sort of an inconvenience because digital cameras nowadays use SD cards rather than microSDs. In terms of wireless connectivity, the LG Z330 has Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 and Intel’s wireless display technology called Wi-Di, which lets the user wirelessly stream videos from the laptop to the TV.

The LG Z330 features a 13.3-inch LCD screen that is reasonably bright and has decent color reproductions. It has LED backlighting and a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This makes the Z330 comparable to other 13-inch ultrabooks in the market in terms of screen quality.

The LG Z330 uses Intel’s range of Core iSeries processors, which makes the performance of the ultrabook more than capable of handling different tasks such as web browsing and HD video playback. The Z330 handles storage using SSD drive rather than the traditional hard drives. This means that file transfers will be faster on the Z330 than its HDD imbued LG Z430 older brother. A version of the ultrabook will be powered by Core i7 Sandy Bridge processor and paired with 8 GB worth of RAM. The SSD storage option is pegged at a ceiling capacity of 256 GB. Further more, the device is imbued with LG’s Speed Boot, which enables the device to power up in a matter of 10 seconds.

Overall, the LG Z330 is an attractive looking Ultrabook, but doesn’t really stand out among its peers.

LG Z330 Ultrabook Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 1,600.00

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