HP Photosmart eStation C510 All-in-One Printer Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Details

HP Photosmart eStation C510 All-in-One Printer Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Details: The HP Photosmart eStation C510 is a multifunction printer from HP that has, aside from the default printer functions, also features Web connectivity. It comes with a detachable seven-inch Android-powered tablet computer that enables the user to surf the Internet and browse Facebook, access the Barnes & Noble eBook store, browse emails, go through his or her RSS feeds. It is clearly geared towards home users who have a lot of use for a printer-instant Internet access. It also comes with a quick snapshot for photo edits and a lot more utilities. However, the connection can be quite cumbersome and there are alternative cloud printing devices that are less expensive and have entertainment functionalities that are more enjoyable and fast. The HP Photosmart eStation C510 is quite pricey.

Design-wise, the HP Photosmart eStation C510 is similar looking to other HP multifunction printers. It has a scanner lid on top, uses five cartridges that are housed inside the inner bay, and has a dual paper tray near the bottom containing separate containers for both full-sized papers and smaller photo papers. The user need not unload the tray when he or she is shifting between standard printing and photo printing.

The HP Photosmart eStation C510 is composed of a base unit containing a 7-inch touch screen monitor and the Zeen, which is its control panel for printing functions. It sits on a dock and doubles up as a charging station. Wi-Fi status indicator and other LEDs are located on the printer’s right side. What the C510 lacks though is an auto document feeder but it does come with a removable auto duplexer that can connect to its back so it’s easier to print double sided. However, the duplexer tends to be slow and cumbersome so while you’re saving on paper, you’re at the same time spending so much time waiting for a document to finish.

The HP Photosmart eStation C510’s CD software bundle includes all the tools that user will need in order to scan up to 1,200 dots per inch. The Zeen is also able to save the scans directly and there is an SD card reader on top of the component for easier file access and transfer. However, both the printer and Zeen lack a PictBridge compatible USB port so digital photographers may have to look somewhere else or use an adaptor. The printer does come with a USB connection at the back but it is used to pair the printer to a computer.

In order to use the ePrint and Zeen to their maximum utility, the HP Photosmart eStation C510 has to be connected to a wireless network, the same as that used by the computer, the Zeen’s Wi-Fi server. Somehow, the devices too has to be in the proper order when they are connected: Zeen first, the printer, and then the computer, else they won’t be able to communicate over the network. The printer does not have an Ethernet port so sharing the C510 over many terminals may get complicated. Installation-wise, the printer surprisingly does not ship with a bound documentation, relying only on a series of virtual tutorials on the Zeen that doesn’t even include troubleshooting tips.

Performance-wise, the print speed of the HP Photosmart eStation C510 does have some merits, or at least through the wired USB connection. However, since it has a Zeen component, users may be more predisposed to using it more often and thus will experience an increased lag time per job because the Zeen has to communicate over the network first to the printing station. Granted though that the printer is more expensive, the ePrint performance is only expected.

As mentioned, the HP Photosmart eStation C510 uses five standard HP model cartridges No. 564. This comprise a black, photo black, cyan, magenta, and yellow inks each with their own dedicated slot under the hood. There are standard versions and an Xl high capacity option. Per page will cost about 2.4 cents for the color and, strangely enough, 4.3 cents for the blacks.

Overall, the HP Photosmart eStation C510 has its printing advantages but, as mentioned, there are less expensive alternatives in the market.

HP Photosmart eStation C510 All-in-One Printer Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 500.00

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