Alienware M18x Laptop Computer Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Info

Alienware M18x Laptop Computer Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Info: Alienware has been around for 15 years in the industry mass-producing high-end gaming systems, so the name embedded on a laptop pretty much implies this kind of functionality. The M18x from Alienware for instance is a flagship laptop computer that is jam-packed with high-performing hardware and other components. Enveloping them all is a sharp looking chassis that even has a tricked out lighting effect, as well as a very large and high definition 18.4-inch display. The downsides though are that the laptop costs a lot and comes with a limited battery life. However, for those gamers out there, the Alienware M18x may be the best there is.

Physically, the Alienware M18x looks as astonishing as the laptop before it, the M17x. The M18x is shrouded in an anodized aluminum chassis with a so-called Space Black color that has a metallic dark gray more than a black finish. On the lid is an illuminated alien head to signify some form of branding, and on the front around the base are two sporty grill that are themselves also illuminated. The laptop looks still and sturdy enough and the front sits complete with its corvette like shape. The dimension itself is not very portable and, unless the user really wants to, it’s probably better to have it stationed in a quite fixed space. It weighs at the really heavy end at 12.9 pounds and measures 2.13 inches in its girth. The power brick on the other hand is also quite a piece. It weighs almost 3 pounds, and measures 1.5 x 3.7 x 7.6 inches.

In essence, the Alienware M18x does look like a little tank of a laptop. However, it does come with a pair of heavy-duty lid hinges and aluminum shell, and there is no doubt with regards to its sturdiness and durability. It also has a premium feel to it when it is touched or held on the hand. The keyboard of the M18x itself is really big, and is even able to accommodate a dedicated number pad on the right as well as five programmable AlienTactx keys on the left. There is also a button for ejecting the slot loading Blu-ray drive, an on/off switch for the Wi-Fi, and an Alienware Command Center key on the far right. The keyboard deck is rubbery and feels solid and has a suitable click under the fingers. The keys are responsive, as well as the accompanying trackpad and its associated dual button. In addition, the lighting effects mentioned earlier are all controlled by the Command Center’s AlienFX utility. There are a total of 20 colors in the LED palette that can be easily customized.

As mentioned, the Alienware M18x features a rather impressive and decidedly large 18.4-inch screen. It is in fact breathtaking and a beauty on to itself. The display has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, and gives a color quality that is really high, with black levels particularly crisp and tight. The screen has an edge-to-edge glass over black bezel and a glossy anti-glare coating, although it can still get quite reflective at times under extreme lighting conditions. There is a vibrant mix of colors and a nice and wide viewing angles. In addition, the Alienware M18x also has a 3 MP webcam located on the screen’s upper bezel, as well as an illuminated Alienware logo in the center of the bottom bezel.

Performance-wise, the Alienware M18x has one of the best track records. It uses a 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7-2960XM Extreme Edition as its processor that can be maxed out to 4.0 GHz at Turbo mode, rather than the usual stock speed of 3.7 GHz of other laptops. It has a separate pair of SLI-enabled Nvidia GeForce GTX 580M graphics cards, each containing 2 GB worth of GDDR5 video memory. As for memory itself, the M18x has 16 GB worth of 1600 MHz DDR3 dual-channel RAM. A downside mentioned earlier though is that the battery of the Alienware M18x doesn’t match its specs; it can last only around 2 hours at normal usage, so it’s still best to keep the power cord and an outlet at hand. The laptop isn’t going anywhere just yet because of its size and limited power supply.

Alienware M18x Laptop Computer Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 3,500.00 (Starting Price)

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