Sony VAIO E Series 14P Laptop Computer Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Info

Sony VAIO E Series 14P Laptop Computer Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Info: The VAIO E Series 14P is the latest addition to the Japanese tech giant Sony’s VAIO E series. Although it might not be an ultrabook per se because of its size and heavier weight, it nonetheless makes it mark by being distinctively stylish and by having very powerful specs. It was announced on Sony’s website just this April 12th.

The Sony VAIO E Series 14P blows away competition with its design. The hardware are pact inside a compact and tightly-built chassis that is highlighted with soft and discrete color wrap-around on the edges, so that it looks like a nicely trimmed envelop when closed down. The speaker bezel is also colored, and the keyboard keys are backlighted in the same manner, as well as the trimmings around the large touchpad. The product comes in pink with darker pink highlights, black with red highlights, and white with light blue highlights. There is a color for anyone to express his or her personal style through.

It is easy to think of the Sony VAIO E Series 14P as attention grabbing amongst a crowd when it’s carried around campus for instance or inside a cafe. The keyboard as mentioned was thoughtfully backlighted to offer a handy and error-free typing under dark circumstances like at night or under dim lights. The backlights are activated by an ambient light sensor integrated into the device that automatically brightens under low light or dims when no longer in use to conserve power. The touchpad is very pleasing in that it is very generously sized with large clickable surface so as to give more space to navigate around with the fingers and scroll through pages, edit photos, flick, pinch or zoom, or pivot. The pad is imbued with a very intuitive multi touch response and is “button free” to give a more dynamic movement to the fingers.

What’s more exciting is that the Sony VAIO E Series 14P is imbued with Webcam Gesture Recognition technology (or Gesture Control) that lets the user interact with the device using the movement of one’s hands. The user just have to hold his or her hand in front of the web camera and do specific and intuitive movement like swiping left or right to flick through web pages or photo galleries or put his or her hand down to pause music playback or slideshow. Music volume can be adjusted up or down with “rotate” movements. For the mean time though, the feature is only supported by specific applications like Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer 9, PowerPoint, and PowerDVD.

The Sony VAIO E Series 14P overall measures approximately 245 x 22.4 x 341 mm and weighs approximately 2.3 kg including the supplied standard battery. As mentioned, the device offers a 14-inch VAIO display. It has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and a wide aspect ratio of 16:9. It has a 1.3 MP Exmor HD webcam that as mentioned, can be used for gesture control.

Hardware wise, the Sony VAIO E Series 14P uses an Intel Core i3-2350M processor that is based on the Sandy Bridge microarchitecture, which enables the device to pack two cores using hyper threading. The processor contains 3MB of level 2 cache memory as well as a maximum DDR3 memory of 16GB that is shared by the unit’s GPU, an AMD Radeon HD 7670M with Intel HD Graphics 3000. Unfortunately, the device comes with just 4GB worth of DDR3 RAM from Sony, and has 500GB worth of HDD at 5400 rpm. It also has a built-in DVD drive.

The Sony VAIO E Series 14P is expected to be released into the market by June this year.

Sony VAIO E Series 14P Laptop Computer Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): TBA (To Be Announced)

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