Samsung SCX-3205 All-in-One Printer Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Details

Samsung SCX-3205 All-in-One Printer Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Details: The SCX-3205 is a multifunction printer from Samsung. In addition to the print, scan, and photocopy functions, it also includes three very useful utilities not found in many all-in-one printers: screen print, Eco-print, and ID card print.

Physically, the Samsung SCX-3205 is very small and unimposing, like all other models that came before it. The device is almost cuboid in shape, and takes up very little space. It is perfect to put on top of an office shelf or on a corner for home use. There is a flatbed scanner at the top, which can easily accommodate thin books and single sheets of paper in its stretch-hinged lid. The lid feels rather flimsy though and is very highly flexible. This would allow the user, in addition to the standard thin books and single sheets of paper, to fit in more bulky items like books and manuals.

On the front of the Samsung SCX-3205, there is a thin, gloss black control panel. There are the usual Start and Stop buttons as well as a two-digit LED display and accompanying large plus and minus buttons. There is the Print Screen button that prints a snapshot of the screen of the connected personal computer, and the Eco-Print button that enables the device to cut off toner usage and consequently save on paper by automatically converting to two pages per sheet per print out, and by switching on toner save.

On the Samsung SCX-3205, there is an ID card button that makes scanning or photocopying IDs easier; it scans each side of the card before reproducing both on a single page. The paper tray on the other hand is located on the inside of the front cover, and can accommodate a total of 150 sheets, fairly low compared to other devices. There is sadly no covering to protect the papers from free floating dust particles, an evident perhaps of Samsung’s cost cutting strategy to give out a low cost all in one. At the back of the device are ports and connections, specifically a single USB port, and some for power connections. The device seems not to be intended for large scale, high demand business printing since it doesn’t come with Ethernet or Wi-Fi capabilities.

The Samsung SCX-3205 has a print speed of 16 pages per minute on paper; however it does tend to lag a bit when confronted with heavier texted or graphical pages. Eco print takes a bit longer since the printer is in two sheet printing mode. Overall, the speed of the unit isn’t bad considering its affordable price. It is basically workable for ordinary home and small office use. High-resolution print of photographs is also sharp and well detailed. Printout quality is basically at par with Samsung’s standards with a maximum native print resolution of 600 x 600 dpi and maximum optical resolution of 1,200 dpi. Texts at 1200 dpi are clean and crisp while grayscale pictures on the other hand are very pleasing, with little stutters, and very solid fill. Shadings are also very distinguishable. Scanning and photocopying qualities are quite nice too.

The Samsung SCX-3205 is shipped with drivers for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. There is also the AnyWeb utility for printing web pages as well as the Smart Panel status display. The cartridges on the other hand are only available in the 1,500 sheet variety, which compared to other brands, keep the unit at a rather high running cost. Still, the cartridges are fairly easy to install. It just entails lifting the scanner and covering the printer section. The metal runners slide down automatically, which makes for a convenient placement.

Overall, the Samsung SCX-3205 definitely packs some good usability and at a very reasonable price at that.

Samsung SCX-3205 All-in-One Printer Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 190.00

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