Canon PIXMA MG4150 All-in-One Printer Price in Singapore, Features, and Specs

Canon PIXMA MG4150 All-in-One Printer Price in Singapore, Features, and Specs: The PIXMA MG4150 from Canon is an inkjet multifunction printer and is part of the company’s PIXMA range. It is intended as a budget-friendly device and can mainly handle not-so-demanding home and office tasks. Aside from the good aesthetic design it has also been imbued with a comprehensive control panel with an accompanying pop out color screen. It has wireless functionalities, and also comes with the ability to automate printing on both sides of the paper.

Physically, the Canon PIXMA MG4150 does looks like the budget printer that it is meant to be. It looks and feel like a quality item with its glossy, firm black plastic chassis, which is unfortunately fingerprint prone. The design is quite boxy but with large radius curves on the corners. Most of the controls seem to be precisely engineered. This includes the scanner’s hinges, which runs very smoothly upwards by a couple of centimeters so as to accommodate thicker papers, and in the process doesn’t even wobble around.

However, unlike the other models within the PIXMA range, the Canon PIXMA MG4150 only has a single tray of paper located slung under the body. Canon calls this the fast front design. The tray contains an extending paper stack to accommodate larger sized papers. The sheer length of the tray arrests papers by over reaching the simple and short flap that is the output tray. Although this may seem like an unusual arrangement, it somehow works decently in actual use. However, the whole arrangement almost doubles up the width of the printer so it’s much better to keep the trays closed and folded when the device is not in use.

The Canon PIXMA MG4150 comes with a button-based control system that includes an array of control buttons like a jog wheel that is used to move between pages of the user menu, a selection button, as well as a rocker switch. One comment about this format though is that, while at first it looks user-friendly, the whole system may come out unexpectedly complicated when used in real life.

The control panel of the Canon PIXMA MG4150 that includes a 16 mm LCD display is further juxtaposed by the addition of three dedicated selection buttons found under the screen. On the menu, there are three icons under the main pages that are only accessible with the buttons found under the screen. Sub menus on the other hand are represented by a lot of icons and can be selected using the main selection button. To add to the confusion, the options are sometimes inconsistently listed horizontally or vertically, which doesn’t at all make for an intuitive process. Physical ports include twin sockets for SD and Memory Stick cards at the front left portion of the device, and below these is a large, blue-ringed power button.

Performance wise, the scan and print interfaces of the Canon PIXMA MG4150 are among the best and simplest to operate using a personal computer. The interfaces offer a quick way to print plain black text, and it also comes with default settings to make other processes easier for the user. Black texts are crisp and clear and has none of the blotchiness found in other cheap printers. Compared to plain black texts however, printing graphics can be a tad slower. Horizontal banding may be evident on plain paper, and color reproduction can come out rather faint. Photos on the other hand have less saturation, and some lighter regions can exhibit pixilation. Greyscale graphics can be too dark although color copies of documents can be quite good. The scanner capability of the printer is quite good. Unlike the printer, the duplication via the scanner is more focused although at darker photos, some details can still be lost.

In terms of running costs, the Canon PIXMA MG4150 comes out rather reasonable as well which, on top of the unit being overall cheap, makes the device really a good choice for those budget conscious consumers. Overall, the Canon PIXMA MG4150 seems like a good budget-friendly multi-function printer device to consider.

Canon PIXMA MG4150 All-in-One Printer Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 190.00

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