Canon IXUS 500 HS Digital Camera Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Details

Canon IXUS 500 HS Digital Camera Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Details: The IXUS 500 HS camera is a new addition to Canon’s IXUS line of superzoom compact cameras. It features among others an optical zoom of up to 12x and a focal range of 28-336 mm. It has a 10 MP High Sensitivity CMOS sensor, and a stylish metal body that comes in a variety of colors: black, silver, red, and blue. It also utilizes a DIGIC 5 processing engine, and has full HD video capture with stereo sound capability.

The Canon IXUS 500 HS is very small and can fit effortlessly on the palm of the hand. It has the classic rectangular look typical of many other compact cameras, and also of all other previous IXUS models. Build quality is very excellent, with the camera coming out as compact although like its brothers, there is little in the way of grip on the body. It is housed in a mixture of metal body and plastic buttons, controls, and port covers.

The Canon IXUS 500 HS is very minimalistic, with its faceplate coming out rather plain with a few protruding features, but is still slightly textured. There is a narrow slot for the built-in flash inconveniently located at the far right portion of the faceplate, which makes it likely to be covered with the fingers when the camera is used to take a shot. Still, it is very slim at 19.2 mm and weights only a mere 155 grams with the battery and microSD card. The lens itself is internally stacked so the camera is much cleaner looking, and makes it easier to put the device into a trouser pocket.

The Canon IXUS 500 HS features a rather (disproportionately) large 3-inch LCD screen with 4:3 regular format, and resolution of 461,000 dots. The display is crisp, and perfectly visible in most environments, except under the brightest sunlight. Images automatically orient themselves at playback when the camera is turned 90 degrees.

As mentioned, the Canon IXUS 500 HS uses a rather modest 10 MP CMOS sensor. However, the 12x zoom lens is rather amazing, specially considering the size of the camera and its relatively slim profile. This makes it an ideal device for taking close up sport and action shots. Added to this is its wideness at 28mm and 36mm maximum zoom setting, which is as wide as that of most of its competitors. Digital zoom on the other hand extends it to 21 x using the built-in ZoomPlus option. The camera is also thoughtfully imbued with optical stabilized zoom at 3.5 stop advantage. It comes with an intelligent system that is able to analyze the focal length, focal distance, and type of camera movement, and in turn utilizes that information to apply the most appropriate modes among the seven possible settings.

Other features of the Canon IXUS 500 HS include face detection, auto red eye removal, blink detection, and a Smart Shutter mode. The latter makes it possible for the camera to take a picture simply by detecting if the subject is winking or smiling at the camera, or if another person enters the frame. The Face ID feature on the other hand can recognize up to 12 different faces and automatically focuses at them and tags them with names on playback. There is also a so-called Face Self Timer mode that makes the camera shoot automatically when it detects a new face inside the frame. This means that it can be easier to include the photographer in group-shots once he or she steps in. There is also a Smart Flash Exposure mode that adjusts the quality of the flash so it doesn’t obscure the subject.

In addition, the Canon IXUS 500 HS comes wit its own dedicated video record button and is capable of instantly capturing full HD videos at 1920 x 1080 pixel clips with stereo sound at 24 frames per second. Picture quality is overall excellent although during a cloudy day, it is much better to take macro shots rather than risk using the telephoto option. Low light support is overall decent and it can actually deliver a very usable noise-free result even at ISO 1600.

Overall, the Canon IXUS 500 HS is a rather good-looking, compact, pocket-friendly camera with a lot of really good modes and an intelligent range of options. The zoom feature is also broader than average. However, all of these do come with a premium price so one has to still weigh his or her options against other compact systems out there.

Canon IXUS 500 HS Digital Camera Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 600.00

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