Sony Cyber-shot HX200V Digital Camera Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Info

Sony Cyber-shot HX200V Digital Camera Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Info: The Sony Cyber-shot HX200V digital camera is an update to the Cyber-shot HX100V released last year. Among the changes are an improved ergonomics, higher sensitivity, as well as certain additional modes that the user can select from to manipulate shots. The Sony Cyber-shot HX200V is a superzoom bridge camera.

Design-wise, the Sony Cyber-shot HX200V looks strikingly similar to its HX100V predecessor; it is formed to look line an SLR – complete with a mode dial on top, some basic functions at the front, and a D-pad on the rear for navigating through the menu. As a bridge camera, it stands smaller than a full-blown DSLR yet larger and bulkier than the average digital camera. However, although it’s small compared to a DSLR, it nonetheless offers a zoom flexibility characteristic of a larger camera with big OLE lens.

The Sony Cyber-shot HX200V’s focal length has an overall 30x zoom capability and can go from wide-angle 27mm to 810mm at the telephoto end. The body itself is not too impressive. It is housed in a plastic casing rather than in a premium metal although Sony has thoughtfully redesigned the handgrip on the front to give the camera a reassuring hold.

The front of the Sony Cyber-shot HX200V features the manual zoom lens ring. Even though the ring is fully software driven, it still manages to have a decent and extremely smooth rotation. There is, however, a slight lag to its operation and the hardware improvement in this regard doesn’t yet full cover a proper accuracy that would have been expected in a zoom camera.

The Sony Cyber-shot HX200V also features an electronic viewfinder. This typical feature of an SLR can be toggled by a button located at the top of the device. Image quality in the EVF is however disappointing; there is much less detail at only 201,000 colors, there is lack of contrast, and the viewfinder itself is too small. The alternative would be a live view using the rear LCD screen. It is 3 inches in diagonal, LCD-type, and contains 921,000 colors. It is also meant to be articulated, but disappointingly enough, only flips out until a certain angle, so it does not really achieve full articulation. It is also not touch sensitive. The user has to navigate through menus and options using the aforementioned D-pad located on the screen’s right.

Because the Sony Cyber-shot HX200V is a bridge camera, the image quality from the XH200V falls expectedly below that of a DSLR or any micro Four Thirds device for that matter. It is more at par with that of a compact digital camera. Sony has also updated the sensor on the HX200V. The device now runs using a high-power 18.2-megapixel CMOS sensor. However, although the sensor is thus updated, it still stands at just 1/2.3 inch, which puts it at a disadvantage under low light settings compared to those cameras using a full APS-C sensor. In addition, the HX200V runs using a BIONZ image processor.

Other features of the Sony Cyber-shot HX200V include a built-in GPS system that lets the user tag his or her photos and attribute them with location information. The camera is also able to capture videos at 1080p. In addition, it has 3D video capabilities, as well as stereo audio recording. Sony has also attributed the camera with usability and various different modes. This includes a 360-degree panorama shot, color isolation, toy mode, and a hipstamatic mode. There are also various autofocus modes like the contrast detect imbued automatically by the sensor, multi-area, center, selective single-point, tracking, and single modes. There is also a face-detection mode. The macro focus range of the camera is around 1 cm or 0.39 inches.

Overall, the Sony Cyber-shot HV200V is a decent bridge camera although it doesn’t stand out that much. As an upgrade to the Cyber-shot HV100V, there are some nice advancements but overall, these doesn’t appear to be too significant as to warrant changing the old with the new.

Sony Cyber-shot HX200V Digital Camera Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 850.00

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