Apple TV (2012) Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Info

Apple TV (2012) Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Info: Along the much-awaited announcement of the new Apple iPad / iPad 3, the company also launched what seemed like a tiny accompaniment for the new iPad. The device turned out to be Apple’s new 1080p capable set-top box television accessory called the Apple TV (2012). It lets the user stream videos and even games direct to the TV using a built-in iOS technology. Like the previous 2011 release, the Apple TV (2012) is meant to play contents bought or delivered through Apple’s network, using Apple’s AirPlay service. However, compared to the Apple TV device last year, the new 2012 model notably features an upgraded and redesigned user interface and a 1080p video playback support, revamping the older model’s capability that could only go 720p.

The Apple TV (2012) measures 9.91 x 9.91 x 2.29 cm, exactly the same size as its predecessor. This makes it all the more portable and appealing to those who go for obscurity. It also looks very sleek and stylish with a dark-grey brushed metal look, and rounded corners. It sports a minimum connectivity comprising of an HDMI output that connects the device to a TV, an optical digital audio output that connects it to an AV receiver, an Ethernet port for a wired network, and lastly, a microUSB port that connects the device to a tablet or to other means of support. The package also includes a simple white Apple remote that is also cased and brushed in aluminum.

As mentioned, a major upgrade on the new Apple TV (2012) is its user interface. Replacing the “list-type” menus and following Apple’s mantra of simplicity, the device now features a very simple and straightforward grid layout. Each square (featuring an icon) lets the user connect directly to movies, music, TV programs, and other services. Using a single core, updated A5 CPU (the same chip used in both the iPhone and the iPad), the device is very fast with smooth transitions, no unnecessary lags, and very easy to navigate with its very intuitive layout. Another good news is that, the user interface can now also be made available in the old Apple TV model as a software update.

Aside from direct streaming of videos, the c now also contains a built-in support for Apple’s iCloud service. This means that the user can have access and even re-download any of his or her videos, photos, and music files once they’re uploaded to Apple’s cloud service. Quality-wise, the device can download, play, and stream video contents from an Apple device at full HD 1080p. Although this might not be a match for Blu-ray, the quality that is exudes is still pretty much commendable. There is also a “Genius” recommendation for movies, similar to that seen on iTunes. At the same time, photostream is also upgraded to 1080p resolution, giving extra vividness and richness to pictures and graphics on screen.

Aside from excellent video quality, the Apple TV (2012) also has an above average audio quality as well as a direct access to the iTunes Store for easy acquisition of the user’s preferred media and apps. Also, Netflix recently announced that the Apple TV (2012) will be compatible and fully capable of 1080p Netflix streaming videos, and that both the new and old models can now avail of Netflix’s subscriptions via the user’s iTunes account.

The Apple TV (2012) will be released on March 16, together with the new iPad, although pre-orders are already being reeled in. The coinciding release (and even announcement) date seems to place the new iPad buyers as the potential heavy market for the device. For something that offers a lot of functionality and quality entertainment, the box only costs $99, the same as the existing model, adding to the box’s already predicted hit.

Apple TV (2012) Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 130.00


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