Soundfreaq Sound Stack SFQ-03 Speaker Price in Singapore, Features, and Specs

Soundfreaq Sound Stack SFQ-03 Speaker Price in Singapore, Features, and Specs: Soundfreaq, an increasingly popular speaker manufacturer known for noteworthy low cost all-in-one audio systems for iPod, iPhone, and iPad, has recently released a new Bluetooth speaker called the Sound Stack SFQ-03. Aside from being the latest, it is also said to be the most powerful speaker dock from Soundfreaq to date.

The Soundfreaq Sound Stack SFQ-03 is a large but an unimposing system, more like something compatible with a tab rather than Apple’s pocket media devices. It has a 17.25-inch width, most of which is attributed to a large speaker box. This box extends beyond the sides of a deep stable central platform measuring only 7.5 inches. The unit stands at around 6.5 inches.

The Soundfreaq Sound Stack SFQ-03 looks very closely to a home theatre center speaker. It is rectangular in shape, a very distinctive characteristic of Soundfreaq’s all in ones. It looks like a giant shoebox standing on its side and is made of a combination of elegant plastic and durable metal. Interestingly, the unit is covered in fabric leading to an aesthetic separation of the central box into five sections that are soft textured at the top and front. There is a large fabric grille on one rear speaker.

The Soundfreaq Sound Stack SFQ-03 is also surprisingly neither heavy nor unwieldy despite its obvious size and the amount of hardware packed into it. The device contains a standard 3.5 mm AUX in and a digital FM tuner, a TOSLINK optical in for digital devices like an Apple TV or AirPort Express for faux AirPlay connectivity. There is also a rear mounted USB to connect with a computer. The port can be used to charge other portable devices as well. Of course, there is an Apple adapted dock connector, which is situated at the center of the device.

Despite being an iOS dock, the Soundfreaq Sound Stack SFQ-03 can also connect with other brands of mobile devices like Android smartphones. And, as the main selling point of several Soundfreaq devices, the Sound Stack SFQ-03 is capable of playing wireless audio via A2DP Bluetooth streaming from a line of sight distance of 30 feet. When connected on the docking port on the other hand, the dock can also serve as charging means.

One unit of the Soundfreaq Sound Stack SFQ-03 contains the company’s own custom engineered balanced drivers that are Kevlar reinforced. It also has two push-pull subwoofers with DubSub Technology. Together, these features a high level of quality sound suited for audiophiles; the box has simply an incredible sound reproduction with a solid, and great bass. It also produces a surprising amount of volume – the sound from the device can easily fill a large room. There is no distorting of bass at higher volumes, unlike other speaker docks that would generally give a treble at that much sound level.

The Soundfreaq Sound Stack SFQ-03 has an infrared remote to conveniently manipulate the device at a distance. One other good thing about it is that wireless and dock audio performance is virtually indistinguishable from one another; both produce high quality sound. Don’t expect the Sound Stack SFQ-03 to be portable however. Aside from the obvious size limitation, it has no rechargeable batteries and comes with a wall-wart AC adapter for power support.

Overall, the Sound Stack SFQ-03 from Soundfreaq is not hard to like. It is loud and produces high quality music. It costs around $400, an upmarket for Soundfreaq that debuted with a mid-sized desktop system at only half the price. In any case, the Sound Stack SFQ-03 is certainly at a higher-level altogether than its predecessors, and for the audiophiles out there who cherish quality music, the Sound Stack SFQ-03 is certainly something that is worthy of consideration.

Soundfreaq Sound Stack SFQ-03 Speaker Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 500.00

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