SMS Audio Sync by 50 Headphones Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Info

SMS Audio Sync by 50 Headphones Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Info: The SMS Audio Sync by 50 is a pair of high-end over ear headphones that lets you take your music anytime and anywhere by ditching the cables. It comes in both black and white colors and exudes the air of hip-hop. The SMS Audio Sync by 50 in whatever color you may get are both big and brash. It looks very durable and feels very durable. There is a LED light on each ear cup that is shaped like the letter S and gets illuminated when the headphones are turned on. Not only that, the S also blinks whenever the wireless feature of the headphones is up.
The SMS Audio Sync by 50 do not fold up so they’re a bit tricky to stow away but they come with a rather large yet stylish casing that basically contains adequate compartments to keep the headphone accessories, plus the big headphones. The SMS Audio Sync by 50 is lined with a soft leather covered cushion that lends the device an above average comfort. The headphones do not give wear to the head even with prolonged use.
Going over the earcups, the SMS Audio Sync by 50 have an on/off / mute button on the right. There is also a button that activates the THUMP Enhanced Bass feature. The left ear cup on the other hand contains the volume rocker that is very handy during wireless mode. There is also forward/ reverse track buttons on the left earcup but sadly it functions only side by side a USB or 30-pin transmitter but which are not supplied with the headphones

The SMS Audio Sync by 50 uses a transmitter called the Kleer lossless transmission technology. Sennheiser has been using the same piece of innovation for its television headphones. The technology is optimized specially for audio wireless transmission and compared to Bluetooth, it saves 10 times the battery life. So it’s really not just another frill in an audio device, it also has a much higher purpose.
The SMS Audio Sync by 50 package contains a small Kleer dongle – roughly the size of a matchbox. The dongle has a 3.5 mm plug that connects to most portable devices like mobile phones, iPod, or a mobile computer. The transmitter needs to be synchronized to the headphones first. Synchronization is easy though and doesn’t entail much maneuvering. The technology delivers quality sound, matching that of the more common cables, and the signal doesn’t get lost even up to 50 feet from the transmitter and even through walls. What’s more, up to 4 SMS Audio can be collectively serviced by the transmitter. The package also comes with a cable with built-in microphone and a push-to-talk switch if, for example, the user does not want to go wireless or intends to use the phone for a call. Unfortunately, the headphones do have active noise cancellation but with the cool features of the SMS Audio Sync by 50, one would hardly complain.
As for sound quality, the SMS Audio Sync by 50 lives up to its hip -hop design. It has a professionally tuned digital equalizer that gives justice to bass sounds. The sound comes out even and well reproduced. The THUMPP mode also adds an additional boost to the audio for a more overwhelming sound experience. On the other side of the spectrum though, the sound quality becomes a little more edgy than desired when it comes to the fairly narrow band that includes the percussions. Voices are clear and sharp though so the user will definitely have a good time listening to the song renditions of their favorite singers.
Overall, the SMS Audio Sync by 50 is definitely recommended for an amazing sound experience. The pair costs $399, rather steep, but the price can be easily explained by the specs and features of the headphones.
SMS Audio Sync by 50 Headphones Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 500.00

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