Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FD 3D HDTV Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Info

Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FD 3D HDTV Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Info: The return of the Elite brand generated quite a lot of excitement. Pioneer Elite is well known for delivering the best there is in the area of picture quality HDTV, that is before it left the plasma TV industry. Then Sharp acquired the rights to the Elite name for its new high-end LCD sets. The Sharp Elite PRO-X5FD is actually the first result of the company’s licensing agreement with Pioneer. Overall, what comes out is a very elitist flat panel TV in the sense that only the wealthiest of the wealthy could ever afford one. Aside from extremely high picture quality, the TV model is the only Elite TV that can handle 3D sources in a 60-inch size panel. It has a 70-inch big brother called the Pro-70X5FD that features similar specs and picture quality.

Design wise, the Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FD looks very similar to the original Pioneer Elite. It has a conservative look in all black within a similarly colored sharp angled frame, interrupted only by the gold “Elite” model name at the center of the lower bezel while the “Sharp” branding is very surreptitiously positioned at the back. The frame is not made out of glossy plastic however unlike the original Pioneer Elite; instead, it is made of a sturdy metal with a matte texture. The bezel itself is very thin at only 1.25 inches thick.

The panel of the Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FD is supported by a skirt mount on the bottom, in contrast with the panel’s rectangular look. The remote itself, a bar figure measuring 9.25 x 2 inches contain well-spaced keys, differentiated by size and shape. There is a flip up panel that covers the bottom end so as to minimize clutter since there are a total of 66 illuminated keys.

There is a big Netflix key that directly accesses the streaming site as well as three programmable keys that provide direct access to any three user preferred applications. The remote can also control other infrared devices although these devices are limited only to those with Pioneer or Sharp brands. There is an onscreen manual provided as a help desk navigation of the remote. The unit comes with built-in Wi-Fi and IP control over Ethernet. Web services include Vudu and YouTube aside from Netflix as well as others.

The Elite LCD panels are produced in Sharp’s advanced Generation 10 plant in Sakai, Japan. The Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FD for instance uses a new liquid crystal technology that is said to make the crystals “smaller, softer, thinner, and faster.” This is in contrast to the much standard Sharp-only panels. The Elite panel also uses a special RGB+Y technology that adds a separate yellow subpixel to the mix of active red, green, and blue display pixel elements. With this separate control over yellow hues, fleshtones, various metals like brass and gold, light-colored hair, and yellow objects appear unique and visibly more vibrant in the HDTV.

The menu itself deviates much from the original Pioneer Elite and looks very similar to the standard Sharp format with a semi-transparent overlay on which is presented each option. Notable of these features is the so-called Intelligent Variable Contrast (IVC) that has five modes: local dimming off, local dimming on, as well as three advanced settings. The full array of local LED backlight has a total of 216 zones for the Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FD and more for its 70-inch counterpart. The TV manages a refresh rate of 120 Hz that can be augmented to more than 240 Hz using a scanning backlight. It also has full calibration features, including both two- and 10-point white balance controls, color temperature, color management, and gamma. Missing however is a Picture-in-Picture mode and other multi-image capability.

The unit comes with two pairs of 3D glasses. Extra pairs are tagged $100 each. The glasses have a 2D-to-3D conversion mode that is moderately effective like most 3D glasses as well as a 3D-to-2D capability. One useful advantage of the latter is that a user can forgo the 3D effect while leaving the TV in 3D mode for others. There is also a 3D brightness boost. The glasses synchronize using infrared and not Bluetooth.

Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FD 3D HDTV Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 6,000.00

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