Canon LEGRIA HF G10 Camcorder Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Info

Canon LEGRIA HF G10 Camcorder Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Info: The LEGRIA HF G10 is one of Canon’s top of the line camcorders. This camera offers close to the best in terms of image quality (compared to many existing consumer-grade camcorders) by using a professional-grade sensor, and its low light performance is without equal.

Physically, the LEGRIA HF G10 looks stylish and slim with the body having approximately the same thickness as the lens. The camera feels like a quality item although actually, it is made mostly of plastic with a tough-feeling matte. The camcorder also weighs on the heavier side with everything from the display’s hinge to the focus ring having a heavy-duty feel. The ring around the LEGRIA HF G10 lens is strictly for manual focus mode. Other functions can be accessed through the touchscreen, and through the thumbwheel for some exposure settings.

On the Canon LEGRIA HF G10 there’s a focus assist mode that helps the camcorder zoom in to the center of an image while there is also a comfortable and clear electronic viewfinder that extends outward rather than swivel upward. The camera also features a 3.5-inch 922,000 dot backlit touch capacitive LCD that gathers a 100% view. It is also well equipped in terms of connectivity with a mini-HDMI port, two mini-USB ports, a headphone jack, a bunch of wires, and even a control for remote operation of the camera.

As for the image quality in general, the LEGRIA HF G10’s 30.4mm wide-angle lens (35 mm equivalent focal length of 30.4-304 mm) means that the frame of vision is nice and big. The camcorder is also able to produce still images that come quite in handy. All images are HD quality on standard modes. The camcorder only offers a reasonable 10x optical zoom that can be augmented with a 2x digital teleconverter option (which works basically similar to an optical zoom). Using this option however puts the footage at the risk of reduced quality because there are no extra sensor pixels available.

On the other hand, the image stabilization feature of the Canon LEGRIA HF G10 is optical and comes out pretty impressive and above average. There are three modes for this: Standard, Dynamic, and Powered settings. The Standard mode is general purpose, the Dynamic mode is optimized for low frequency motion like shooting while walking, and the Powered mode takes care of high-frequency vibrations which is pretty effective when shooting handheld at full zoom.

The HD CMOS PRO sensor of the Canon LEGRIA HF G10 mentioned previously is actually a 1/3-inch sensor that contains 2.37 MP (2.7 MP for shooting videos) that is quite measly compared to that of some camcorders that averages at around 3.05 MP. The effect of these fewer and densely packed pixels is that the camcorder takes in less detail so that daylight footages come out soft. However, since the pixels can take up as much area as possible, the video will have little noise, which is especially beneficial during low light settings.

The Canon LEGRIA HF G10 produces videos in the standard AVCHD format with the resolution either anamorphic at 1080p or at full HD. Data rates can peak to up to 24 Mbit/sec. There are a total of eight artistic filters to choose from including nostalgic, and black and white, with the effect immediately viewable on the touchscreen.

The Canon LEGRIA HF G10 comes with 32 GB of internal memory, which is good enough for approximately three hours of continuous recording at the top quality setting. There is however two SDXC-compatible slots in the main body for memory expansion to up to 64 GB card each. With this memory, there would be enough space to last for 15 hours of footage.

Overall, the Canon LEGRIA HF G10 is indeed a top caliber camcorder. However, all the high-end specs come with quite a hefty price.

Canon LEGRIA HF G10 Camcorder Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): S$ 3,099.00

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