ViewSonic ViewPad 7e Android Tablet Computer Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Details

ViewSonic ViewPad 7e Android Tablet Computer Price in Singapore, Features, and Other Details: The ViewPad 7e is one of those gadgets designed for an on-the-go tablet computing experience. The tab is aimed to fit both the lifestyle of the user and a certain discrete budget range. Brought into the market by ViewSonic, which is more famously known as a monitor manufacturer, this tablet computer is another attempt of the company to bask in the tablet market in addition to its previous releases: the ViewPad 7 and ViewPad 10. The ViewPad 7e is another 7-inch tab but this time, it has a more budget-friendly price.
The ViewSonic ViewPad 7e is 192 x 131 x 14.1 mm in dimension, somewhat similar to the size of the BlackBerry PlayBook. But the similarity stops there. The tab is also likened to a digital picture frame complete with a lightweight plastic casing, devoid of catchy aesthetics, and heavy at 450 grams that makes it difficult to hold the tab with one hand.
The ViewSonic ViewPad 7e offers a rather outdated Android version as its OS without additional frills, and at the same time features all the basic components of a tablet computer – the cue word being “basic” like a touchscreen, multimedia player, web browsing etc. However, the typical Android buttons for Home, Menu, Back, and Search seem to be laid out in a confusing manner. For example, the Home button unexpectedly doesn’t connect to the home screen but to the ViewScene 3D mode or the launcher. This mode is basically a six-panel show that features widget; however, unlike the typical home screens, app icons can’t be integrated.
The other physical components of the ViewSonic ViewPad 7e include a small power button, a volume rocker, a mini USB port, a micro HDMI port, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a micro SD slot which can hold up to 32 GB of external memory card. It is able to support Wi-Fi connections of 802.11n and Bluetooth 2.1.

The ViewSonic ViewPad 7e is powered by ARM A8 1GHz processor, 512 MB worth of RAM, and 4 GB worth of internal storage. Although this might not be much compared to today’s skewed standards, the processor still provides ample power for the tab albeit some choppiness from time to time. However, web-browsing experience can be a little tedious as the obvious grade of the processor is tested at this point and there can be much slowdown and lag. The problem specially persists when downloading a page with Flash content.
The ViewSonic ViewPad 7e has two webcams whose specs are far below the more desired tab models. The front is a 0.3 MP Extended Depth of field camera while the back camera is 3MP in resolution and has an auto-focus lens and video recording capability at a maximum of 1024 x 768 pixels and 29 frames per second with tolerably clear audio.
The ViewSonic ViewPad 7e also features a 800 X 600 resolution touchscreen. The touchscreen is resistive which is a little backward. It can cover swipes, gestures and presses but not all the time; it can be a poor disadvantage and can be quite unusable at some point. When the virtual keyboard is used, typing can be quite a disaster. The resolution is also poor, the screen a little dim at 500:1 contrast ratio, and the view angles very limited.
Although the ViewSonic ViewPad 7e features an Android operating system, specifically v 2.3 or Gingerbread, it doesn’t come as a complete Google device and thus lacks some of the nice additions of a typical Google tab like the Android Market, Gmail, and YouTube. There is however an Amazon App Store to provide some third-party support.
In summary, the ViewSonic ViewPad 7e’s only real advantage is its price tag and although limited in more than two aspects, it can still deliver adequate usability albeit some limitations like the resistive touch screen and no Google support. For those who are looking for better usability and entertainment value, the ViewSonic ViewPad 7e is not highly recommended. However, it can do well as a portable device for some basic functions.
ViewSonic ViewPad 7e Android Tablet Computer Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 250.00

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