Sony Walkman Z Price in Singapore, Features, and Tech Specs

Sony Walkman Z Price in Singapore, Features, and Tech Specs: Sony has finally officially launched its new Walkman Z series of Android-powered devices – the revamp and modernized versions of the classic Walkman music players popularized by the company around the 1980’s. The product name has been the pioneer of personal music players from the original cassette player down to the more personal Discman. And now, Sony brings it to its high-end Android powered digital versions.
From the Sony Walkman Z100 seen last December, the line finally differentiated into several others depending on the size of their storage capacity. This includes the Z1040, which is 8 GB in size, the Z1050 at 16 GB in size, and, lastly, the Z1060 at 32 GB in size. The series has been out in Japan for some time and has been confirmed to be released in the US and Europe at the recently held CES 2012 conference.
The size of the Sony Walkman Z series is definitely hand filling, not the typical size of a lot of handheld music players. It features an anti-reflective 4.3-inch multi touch enabled screen unlike the 3.5-inch display found in an iPod Touch. Although seemingly a little bulky on the eyes, this rev up in dimension actually offers a whole new dynamic to a music device and gives the user an opportunity to experience music, video playbacks, and games on an enhanced level.
The Sony Walkman Z is also thin at only 11.1 inches and weighs light at approximately 156 grams. The curviness is concentrated at the back, which is sloped inwards at the middle so as to fit the palm. The external speakers, called xLOUD, are situated on the rear. There is a “W” button on the side that launches a condensed version of the music player. This can be a pretty convenient function when used for skipping tracks. The HDMI port and volume keys are situated on the right while the proprietary charging port headphone jack are located at the bottom side. There are soft keys for manipulation aside from the touch screen display.

The Sony Walkman Z has a very stylish design and outstanding audio quality. Sony claims them to be the ultimate mobile entertainment experience. The device is also the first MP3 player from the company to be powered by Android operating system, which is more commonly used by smartphones and tablets. With the system, the user can now have access to a variety of applications found in the Android market.
The Sony Walkman Z conveniently comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity to easily browse through and download directly from the Internet. It also offers Sony’s Entertainment Network’s Music Unlimited Service that is cloud-based and comes via subscription. This service offers more than 10 million songs that can be downloaded directly to the player. The player though doesn’t support a camera and Sony has been obviously adamant on this regard for many of its Walkman lines.
The Sony Walkman Z series also comes with the integrated S-Master MX digital amplifier that greatly reduces noise levels and decreases distortions. At the same time, it features a high-end audio technology that creates a more enriched and dynamic music experience. There is a so-called SenseMe technology, which gives the user the opportunity to complement his or her mood with music by automatically categorizing music tracks into different channels.
All the Sony Walkman Z series models are powered by NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset. Aside from the integrated Wi-Fi, they are also able to connect with other DLNA devices via a sensor, and also connect via Bluetooth.
The Sony Walkman Z series models are priced at $249.99 for the 8 GB, $279.99 for the 16 GB and about $329.99 for the 32 GB model. The battery life is said to last up to 20 hours for music and up to 5 hours on continuous video playback mode. The Sony Walkman Z series of devices will be released on February 2012.
Sony Walkman Z Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 320.00 (Starting Price)

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