Sennheiser HD 229 Audio Headphones Price in Singapore, Features, and Specs

Sennheiser HD 229 Audio Headphones Price in Singapore, Features, and Specs: It is undeniable that urban headphones are slowly making its name into popularity. Gone were the days when people are only in favor of the small, easy to carry and conceal earphones over headphones. These times, though, people seem to be choosing these big headphones over the earphones. What is it about headphones that have become popular these days? Many headphones are carrying the name of artists and the sound quality seems to beat that of the earphones. On the other hand, Sennheiser has gone out of its conservative shell and released the Sennheiser HD 229, but before jumping into the market and buying one for your self or for other music lovers, read along and find out if these headphones are worth it or if they are just like the others in the market with poor design and quality.
One thing about the use of headphones is not only for the bass it can give its listener but the image as well. Headphones are highly visible so today’s generation always aim for the good-looking ones. This is probably what Sennheiser has thought about. Instead of the usual white or black, they have changed the color schemes into white/orange and black/pink. The Sennheiser HD 229 looks very much like a re-worked HD 228. It seems like color schemes are the only one that have changed when talking about the look. The design, especially the plastic construction and the curves of the cup have stayed the way HD 228 is.

Although the Sennheiser HD 229 has just used plastic, it is quite sturdy and smooth at the right places. They are very comfortable to wear and are very lightweight, one advantage of using plastic for the headband and earcups. The headphones weigh 92 grams so it’s not really difficult wearing it for a long time. Even the ear pads, which are made of soft synthetic leather pads, are very comfortable to use. The cable is not removable, compared to other excellent earphone brands in the market, but it’s not bothersome. It only runs in one side so you do not end up having too much cable on both sides.
The Sennheiser HD 229 aims to have the deep bass kick because this is what most urban headphones are all about these days. However, it sounds more as if the treble is detailed and bright, and not too much of the bass. Although the bass is audible, it is not the best feature this product has. However, it is not to the disadvantage of the HD 229. It’s actually good that these headphones do not have too much boominess on them. Those who plan to buy these headphones for the deep bass kick would have to look elsewhere. For its price, it is pretty impressive that it can also provide noise isolation on some level and it works well with quiet environments.
All in all, the Sennheiser HD 229 is not a bad choice for headphones in the midst of those that are getting popular in the market as well. Its advantages are the fact that the sound is detailed and it is very comfortable to wear. It does not push too much on the ear, but is secure enough for you to be able to run or jog without it falling. On the other hand, disadvantages are that they were unsuccessful in reaching the deep bass kick that they were aiming for and the design may have been quite too colorful. However, its disadvantages does not affect the quality of sound it produces that much. You would still be able to enjoy your music even without the deep bass kick that they have been advertising about.
Sennheiser HD 229 Audio Headphones Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 130.00
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