Sony Cyber-shot WX9 Digital Camera Price in Singapore, Features and Other Details

Sony Cyber-shot WX9 Digital Camera Price in Singapore, Features and Other Details: We take a closer look at the WX9 from Sony and were impressed with what we saw. Read on for the full details of the time we spent with the compact shooter.
Design and construction
If there were one camera manufacturer that never fails to come up with compact, attractive and feature-packed point and shoots, it would definitely be Sony and its ubiquitous Cyber-shot line of digital cameras. A couple of high-performance shooters also have come from the Cyber-shot stable with the requisite hefty price tag attached to the shooter but most of the cameras belonging to this line are those within reach in terms of its price tag.
One such example is the Sony Cyber-shot WX9 digital camera. It comes at a price point of $200 but has every imaginable feature jam-packed in its smallish frame. As mentioned earlier, aesthetics has always been a central focus in the Cyber-shot line and the WX9 is not an exception to this. The compact frame shooter comes in several color options with the “red” being touted as the most attractive of the bunch and the brushed black-colored WX9 looks very sleek and streamlined.
At first glance, the WX9 looks like a regular rectangle with its corners rounded off. It has dimensions of 3.72 x 2.22 x 0.78 inches and tips the scales at just less than five ounces. With these numbers, it is very easy to surmise that the WX9 comes with a very compact from factor that slipping the shooter in the front pocket of your jeans would not pose any problem whatsoever.
In keeping with the design tradition of the conventional point and shoot, no grip or any textured material can be found anywhere in the body of the WX9. The weight of the shooter is well balanced though so even if there is no grip on the front-right panel of the shooter, slippage is a very remote possibility.
As for its controls and buttons, only a handful are found on the exterior of the WX9 and most of these are found right next to the display of the shooter where they are grouped neatly in a vertical cluster. With this positioning and layout of the controls of the WX9, a user is assured that everything he needs to press is all within easy access all the time.

Key features of the WX9
In terms of its image sensor, despite its price point, Sony has endowed the WX9 with a backside-illuminated CMOS sensor of the Exmor R type. The sensor of the WX9 has an effective resolution of 16.2 megapixels and comes with an RGB primary color filtration system. It works in conjunction with the shooter’s BIONZ image processing engine to ensure that the images that the shooter turns out will always have exceptional image quality.
As for its lens, the WX9 comes with a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens with a 5x optical zoom capability. When paired with the BIONZ image-processing engine of the WX9, the lens of the shooter gives it a focal length that ranges from 25 mm to 125 mm in 35 mm equivalence. It is not as refined as we would like it to be though because there are cases wherein resulting images come out with soft edges and glowing lines can sometimes be seen around objects.
In terms of its sensitivity, the WX9 packs an ISO sensitivity that is at its lowest at ISO 100 getting cranked up bit by bit until it reaches its maximum of ISO 3200. In addition to that, the WX9 comes with an Intelligent Sweep Panorama feature for snapping either vertical or horizontal panoramas with just a click of the shutter button. This is very different from what is found in other compact point and shooters that require you to capture several shots which the camera stitches together.
Performance of the WX9
When you come to think of it, the overall performance of the WX9 is rather good. Boot to shoot time takes the WX9 about 2 seconds but takes the shooter relatively longer to shut down. Accessing and delving into the menu of the shooter is also a smooth operation and its shot to shot time is also very good.
Shutter lag on the other hand is pegged at 0.01 seconds when the shooter is already pre-focused but if the shooter needs to acquire focus first, it would take the WX9 roughly 0.25 seconds. If there were something that the WX9 is to be proud of, it would have to be its continuous shooting capabilities. The shooter managed 9.8 frames per second in full resolution that is something to be said for a compact point and shoot with the price tag of the WX9.
The bottom line
All in all, the Sony Cyber-shot WX9 digital camera gives your money’s worth if you have intentions of bringing this baby home. It is not without snags though but these are relatively minor to really affect the overall performance of the shooter.
Sony Cyber-shot WX9 Digital Camera Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 250.00

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