Tod’s Ballerina Flats Shoes Singapore Price and Details

Tod’s Ballerina Flats Shoes Singapore Price and Details: Combining splashes of femininity and functionality makes Tod’s Ballerina flats, both in patent leather and snakeskin, an insanely comfortable must-have in any girl’s shoe rack. Its tie detail and metal tips add very distinct touches of girly vibe, perfect for those who crave to bring out the softie in them. The smooth finish makes the shoes stand out in whatever outfit it is paired with. Put the design and texture together, and you have the recipe for a girly-girl who wants to go comfy with shoe taste.
The patent leather version of Tod’s Ballerina flats is designed with a smooth finish of durable leather lining or edgy snakeskin, connecting all the way to a dotted rubber sole and heel—perfect for those long walks you wish to take on a fine day. The contrast stitch detail stands out in the exterior’s design and adds to the aesthetic value of the shoes. Wearing these flats are made more comfortable and heavenly, thanks to the padded insole that lines the interior of the shoes. The combination of the round toe and the ribbon finish gives off that feminine vibe that’s chic yet calm and collected.
What’s even better with these flats is that it comes in several colors. You can take your pick from the wide array of color splashes that will suit women of varying tastes. You have the classic pastels that are pleasant to the eyes and will never ruin any outfit. If you are the kind that goes with eye candies and comfy shades, the pastel picks are for you. If you go for eccentric, edgy, and eclectic looks, try the snakeskin series that feature metallic shades and scale-like embossed designs that gives off that subtle hint of the girly-but-rocker woman in you. But yet again, any pair of the patent leather and snakeskin series is a good purchase—after all, if you find a pair of ballerina flats that are fashionable AND insanely comfortable at the same time, that is always a pair worth your money.

It is hard to find ballerina flats that will satisfy both the fashion and the functionality aspects of shoes. Oftentimes, a pair is either fashionable but painful to wear, or comfortable to wear yet dull-looking. Tod’s Ballerina flats succeed on the marriage of fashion and functionality in their snakeskin and leather patent ballerina flats, giving the powerful message to all women that you can have both style and comfort without sacrificing either.
Tod’s Ballerina Flats Shoes Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 400.00

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