Samsung Series 8 UE46B8000 LCD HDTV Price in Singapore, Features and Tech Specs

Samsung Series 8 UE46B8000 LCD HDTV Price in Singapore, Features and Tech Specs: We take the Samsung Series 8 UE46B8000 LCD HDTV for a test run and were impressed with the results. Read on to get better acquainted with the flagship model of the Korean manufacturer for its 46-inch line.
Design and construction
If we were to dish out awards for tellies that pack good looks, then the Samsung Series 8 UE46B8000 LCD HDTV from Samsung would definitely get more than its share of glittering trophies. In fact, this HDTV is without a doubt one of the most attractive sets we have laid our eyes on. HDTVs from Bang and Olufsen and a couple from Loewe feature space edge designs as well but the way the UE46B8000 LCD TV delivers its screen real estate with a very narrow bezel that is almost nonexistent is enough to inspire envy with the way Samsung engineers and designers built this HDTV from the ground up.
The UE46B8000 LCD TV measures 1041.1 x 599.4 x 29.7 mm and tips the scales at 12.4 kilograms without its stand. Attach the HDTV to its stand and its dimensions and weight get cranked up to 1041.1 x 679.4 x 276.7 mm and 14.3 kilograms respectively. The cinching point that the Samsung Series 8 UE46B8000 LCD TV packs is its miniscule bezel that not only screams cutting edge but also keeps the footprint of the telly to a bare minimum that the whole set can fit in a smaller space compared to what an average 46-incher will eat up.
All in all, looking at how the UE46B8000 LCD TV was designed gives you the impression that it is one good-looking, well-built set. In fact, the Samsung Series 8 UE46B8000 LCD TV is the closest thing you could ever get to a frameless TV when you take its looks, build and finish in consideration. And to top it all off, the UE46B8000 LCD TV is light enough that mounting it on a wall is a very viable option thus making its footprint a lot smaller.

Connectivity of the UE46B8000 LCD TV
Kudos goes to the engineers and designers of Samsung who worked on the UE46B8000 LCD TV and managed to jam-pack a lot of features into the set’s relatively slim profile. Take the connections that we see in the HDTV for example. It has four 3D-capable HDMI v1.4 ports, 3 USB ports, a LAN port and an integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. The good thing about the integrated Wi-Fi on the UE46B8000 LCD TV is that there is no need to make use of a Wi-Fi dongle in one of its USB ports that could have been used for something else.
The USB ports in turn can be used not just for the playback of multimedia content from USB drives but can also be used from the Samsung Series 8 UE46B8000 LCD TV’s integrated FreeSat HD and FreeView HD tuners directly to a hard disk drive attached to one of these ports. As for the Wi-Fi / LAN option of the UE46B8000 LCD TV, you can use these connectivity options to go online and access the Smart TV service of Samsung. You can also use this to connect to a DLNA-ready computer in your network and access your files.
Smart TV feature
With the Smart TV feature in play on the innards of the Samsung Series 8 UE46B8000 LCD TV, you get a platform that lets you access a sheer treasure trove of available content. Social networking fiends can take advantage of this feature to get Facebook, Twitter and Skype in addition to having access to video services that include among others the BBC iPlayer, LoveFilm and other 3D sources from Samsung vault that are “downstream-able”.
The only snag here is that there is a tendency for Samsung to prefer quantity over quality in terms of the apps that are available with its Smart TV platform. With this development, a user might get a low of seemingly useless applications in addition to infotainment rubbish and lousy games that users wouldn’t probably have the inclination to go through.
Image quality of the Samsung Series 8 UE46B8000 LCD TV
The 3D pictures experienced in the UE46B8000 LCD TV stand out from the competition due to the brightness and richness of the colors displayed on the screen of the TV. The vibrancy of the colors in 3D is also amazing given the fact that there is not much room due to its slim profile for the edge LED lighting of the UE46B8000 LCD TV to play with.
In terms of 2D picture quality on the other hand, as long as you properly setup and configure the UE46B8000 LCD TV for its optimum 2D performance, you can never go wrong with the UE46B8000 LCD TV. The pictures are always brilliant and the color richness along with the brightness that is very apparent in 3D mode is more defined in 2D. In short, the UE46B8000 LCD TV is capable of coming up with images that are very realistic and life-like.
The bottom line
The Samsung Series 8 UE46B8000 LCD TV is without a doubt one of the nicer looking HDTVs we have seen so far. Its extreme good looks are matched by the very sharp and detailed pictures displayed on its screen. The other features of the UE46B8000 LCD TV such as its Smart TV platform further enhanced its usability and overall, this set is one terrific piece of work for lack of a better description.
Samsung Series 8 UE46B8000 LCD HDTV Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 3,600.00

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