Pentax Q Digital Camera Price in Singapore Dollar, Features, and Other Info

Pentax Q Digital Camera Price in Singapore Dollar, Features, and Other Info: We spend some time with the Pentax Q and try to get to know the world’s smallest interchangeable lens shooter a little better. Read on for an account of the time spent with the Pentax Q.
Design and construction
When you think of interchangeable lens cameras, the first thing that comes to mind is that these types of shooters are bulky and hefty. Pentax though distinguishes itself as company which was able to release to the market the adjudged smallest interchangeable lens shooter in the form of the Pentax Q. The puny size of the shooter leads to a smaller optics though and an even smaller sensor with lower resolution and its diminutive size lets you hang it from a keychain just to get an idea as to how small this shooter is.
The Pentax Q measures 98 x 58 x 31 mm and tips the scales at a mere 235 grams and that already includes its battery and kit lens as well. The frame of the Pentax Q is fashioned from an alloy of magnesium which makes the shooter very lightweight. The material used in its construction make the shooter very sturdy as well considering its small size.
The buttons and dials of the Pentax Q are also of exceptional quality and their layout is well thought of. The buttons are a bit small though but are able to provide tactile clicks which are audible given their size. The dials on the other hand have firm detents so there is no way that your fingers will slip on them.
The front right panel of the Pentax Q has a slightly raised protrusion that acts as its pseudogrip and a thumb grip at back right panel of the shooter works well with the pseudogrip of the Pentax Q to ensure that a user always has a firm grip on the camera even if it’s just very small. In addition to that, aside from the pop-up flash that is released by making use of its slider, the Pentax Q also has a hot shoe right smack in the middle of the shooter’s top edge and this hot shoe makes the Pentax Q compatible with the company’s line of flashes no matter how large.

Key features of the Pentax Q
In terms of its sensor, the Pentax Q makes use of a CMOS image sensor that has a 12.4-megapixel effective resolution. The sensor is of the backside-illuminated type so the shooter is capable of achieving high ISO performance aimed at minimizing image noise especially when shooting in dimly-lit situations.
With this type of sensor in play, the Pentax Q is capable of coming up with images of up to 4,000 x 3,000 pixels in an aspect ratio of 4:3. However, the shooter is also offering aspect ratios of 16:9, 3:2 and 1:1 in cropped modes. ISO sensitivity on the other hand ranges from a low of ISO 125 and can be cranked up to a maximum of ISO 6,400. Throughout the ISO range of the shooter, the user has the option to have it controlled automatically or manually.
In terms of image stabilization, the Pentax Q packs an image stabilization mechanism that makes use of sensor shift technology despite its small size. This is similar to those used in the company’s line of DSLRs and is capable of a four-stop correction and is compatible with all the Q-mount lenses that were launched alongside the Pentax Q.
In terms of dust reduction, the Pentax Q makes use of the proprietary DR II system similar to what flagship shooters in the Pentax line such as the K-5, K-7 and 645D DSLRs pack. The system is based on an element of piezoelectronic nature and is very effective in keeping the whole sensor and lens mount of the Pentax Q virtually dust-free.
Like all DSLRs, the Pentax Q is also capable of burst shooting mode and in its Continuous Hi-speed mode, the shooter is capable of 5 frames per second. At this mode, the burst depth of the shooter is capped at a mere 5 JPEG frames. Use Continuous Lo-drive on the other hand and the burst shooting speed of the Pentax Q drops down to just 1.5 frames per second but the buffer depth of the shooter is cranked up to a whopping 100 JPEG frames.
The bottom line
The Pentax Q is a really unique approach taken by Pentax in coming up with a small interchangeable lens shooter. Its diminutive size makes it look like a toy camera but its frame made from magnesium alloy gives it a premium look and feel.
The shooter also has a lot of features that will appeal to both beginners and serious photos alike and is also able to deliver stills with high image quality. It does have a hefty price tag that comes attached to its package and is something that might turn prospective buyers off.
Pentax Q Digital Camera Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 1,050.00

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