Nokia Lumia 800 Smartphone Price in Singapore, Features and Tech Specs

Nokia Lumia 800 Smartphone Price in Singapore, Features and Tech Specs: We take a closer look at the recently-announced Nokia Lumia 800 and see for ourselves if the handset is as good as advertised. We have our first impressions of the device for your reading pleasure so be sure to go through the whole story.
Design and construction
The Nokia Lumia 800 is the current Nokia flagship device when it comes to the company’s line of Windows Phones and was unveiled at the recently concluded Nokia World 2011 alongside other Lumia and Asha handsets.
The Lumia 800 measures 116.5 x 61.2 x 12.1 mm and tips the scales at 142 grams. It looks eerily reminiscent of the ill-fated Nokia N9 but has a lot to boast when it comes to its design and construction. The handset boasts of a polycarbonate body that has a very smooth matte finish. The curved edges of the device make it feel great in the hand and you will definitely feel no discomfort even if you have been holding the device for extended periods of time.
The finish of the handset is also expected to last since it foregoes the usual painted finish we usually see in smartphones today but rather opts for the construction method wherein the color of the handset runs all the way down through the whole plastic polycarbonate material. With this method of construction and finish, even if you chip off a portion of the handset (which I am hoping you will not do), the same color will still be visible in the part where the chip off occurred.
The Lumia 800 is not without snags though. We are impressed with how solidly the device was built and it really is very sturdy but one gripe we have on the handset is the plastic flaps that employed to have its ports covered. These flaps look brittle enough that one wrong move and they will snap right off of the device.

Under the hood of the Lumia 800
The Lumia 800 wouldn’t be considered the Windows Phone flagship device of the Finnish mobile manufacturer if it didn’t pack components under its hood that will give the handsets the bragging rights and the temerity to go against the Windows Phones of other manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung and LG among others.
The Lumia 800 is based on the SnapDragon platform and the device makes use of a QualComm MSM8255 chipset with SoC architecture to ensure that everything in the handset’s internals is in order. Atop the chipset, we see the Scorpion processor of the Lumia 800 with just a single core running at a speed of 1.4GHz sitting side by side with the device’s Adreno 205 GPU.
The Scorpion processor of the Lumia 800 works in conjunction with 512 MB of RAM and this combination proceeds to give the device a snappy and buttery-smooth performance like we’ve never seen in a Windows Phone in the past. In terms of storage space, the handset packs a generous helping of 16GB of internal memory but a prospective user should be very mindful of what gets stored in the handset’s onboard storage given the fact that the Lumia 800 doesn’t have a dedicated media card slot for memory expansion and the 16GB is all you’ve got.
The display and shooters of the Lumia 800
In more recent months, the devices that Nokia releases to the market have been given displays that are very impressive to a point that they are already comparable to the SuperAMOLED display of the Samsung Galaxy S. The Lumia 800 is not an exception to this.
In terms of its display, the Lumia 800 has been endowed with a 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and pixel density of 252 ppi. It makes use of Nokia ClearBlack technology and with this in play, the display of the handset is just impressive. Colors are very bright and images are rendered in a very life-like kind of way. Viewing angles are also above average and though it will be found lacking when compared to the SuperAMOLED Plus display of the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Lumia 800 definitely comes close.
The shooting department of the Lumia 800 on the other hand brings just one camera to the table. It is a rear-facing 8MP snapper with Carl Zeiss optics. The shooter also comes with autofocus and a pair of LED flashes and is capable of geotagging your saved images. It also has a video mode that makes the Lumia 800 capable of 720p video recording.
The bottom line
The Windows Phone 7.5 Mango-packing Nokia Lumia 800 is definitely a very capable phone and is the bet of Nokia to make the company relevant again even if it’s just in the field of Windows-packing handsets. If you already have had enough of Android and its seeming complexities and want to try Mango out for a change, you can never go wrong with the Nokia Lumia 800.
Nokia Lumia 800 Smartphone Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 730.00
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