HP Slate 2 Tablet Computer Price in Singapore, Features and Other Info

HP Slate 2 Tablet Computer Price in Singapore, Features and Other Info: HP is once again at it despite the failure of the HP TouchPad and is again making waves in the tablet market with the release of the Slate 2. Foregoing the consumer segment this time, the Slate 2 is aimed at the business users and packs the necessary tools of the trade to make it attractive to that market segment. Read on for our first impressions of the HP Slate 2.
Design and construction
The HP Slate 2 is HP’s follow-up to the business-centric HP Slate 500 with almost similar dimensions to its predecessor albeit packing a slightly altered aesthetic. The Slate 2 measures 9.21 x 5.9 x 0.61 inches and tips the scales at 1.5 pounds. The back panel of the tablet now has a smooth semi-matte finish.
The top edge of the tablet contains Home button and its volume rocker along with the tablet’s USB 2.0 port. The right side on the other hand houses the Slate 2’s combo microphone / headphone jack and power button and the bottom edge of the device packs its speakers and the tablet’s docking connector.
Sad to say, no video out options can be found on the Slate 2 despite the fact that this is another business-centric tablet. Should you need to project PowerPoint presentations for example, you need to hook up the Slate 2 to a sold separately tablet dock which has an HDMI out port.
The upper left portion of the front panel of the Slate 2 contains its front-facing shooter and a 3MP snapper on the other hand graces its back. These shooters are somewhat lacking if compared to other tablets but given the fact that the Slate 2 was designed for business users in mind, the shooters of the tablet are more than enough for video chat and web conferencing purposes.

Under the hood of the Slate 2
The internals of the Slate 2 is not something that would make a geek drool in anticipation. In short, it packs so-so components under the hood. Though it features a newer generation Intel Atom Z670 processor, its clock speed of 1.5GHz is slightly slower than that of the HP Slate 500’s. In terms of graphical concerns, the Slate 2 relies on its Intel GMA 600 module to ensure that these are properly taken care of.
As for its system memory, the Atom processor of the Slate 2 works in conjunction with 2GB of DDR2 SDRAM and the tablet will be offered in two versions in terms of storage capacity – 32GB and 64GB. It does have support for microSD media cards should you be interested in adding an external storage to the internal memory of the Slate 2.
The tablet also packs a Gobi 3000 card which enables a user to get 3G access even while on the go and the good this is that both HSDPA and EV-DO are supported by this. In addition to that, a TPM (trusted platform module) chip is embedded in the Slate 2 to ensure the security of the data you have stored in the tablet.
The display and other features of the Slate 2
In terms of its display, the Slate 2 packs an 8.9-inch capacitive touchscreen display with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. In addition to that, the display of the Slate 2 offers multi-touch response and supports an N-trig digitizer that enables a user to use both pen and finger input.
In terms of connectivity, the Slate 2 supports Wi-Fi 802.11 n in addition to Bluetooth 4.0 while making use of the Gobi 3000 chip gives a user mobile broadband connectivity. As for its operating system, the Slate 2 will pack Windows 7 that is kind of strange given the fact that Windows 8, which happens to be a lot more appropriate for tablets, has already been released.
Due to the decision to ship the Slate 2 with Windows 7, the operating system is not as optimized for finger input as we would have wanted it to be. To remedy this, HP makes use of the usual tricks to ensure that the user interface of the operating system is easier to handle.
In terms of accessories, several have been introduced alongside the announcement of the Slate 2. One noteworthy accessory would definitely be the HP Slate Digital Pen which works in conjunction with the N-trig digitizer panel of the Slate 2. An HP Slate Dock is also something to look at along with its carrying case.
The bottom line
All in all, the HP Slate 2 is just an incremental upgrade over its predecessor though it does make a business-centric device more business-friendly. Other than that, not much is worth taking a look at aside from the fact that HP is once again taking the tablet market seriously despite the misfortune that the ill-fated HP TouchPad went through.
HP Slate 2 Tablet Computer Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 900.00 (Starting Price)

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