D-Link DIR-645 SmartBeam Wireless Router Singapore Price, Features and Tech Specs

D-Link DIR-645 SmartBeam Wireless Router Singapore Price, Features and Tech Specs: We put the new D-Link DIR-645 SmartBeam Router to the test and it passed with flying colors. Read on for the full details of the DIR-645 SmartBeam router.
Design and construction
Since wireless routers first came to being, we have been bombarded by the typical rectangular routers from every imaginable manufacturer out there. In addition to that, these “box-type” routers more often than not need a clip-on base just so it can stay in an upright position thereby minimizing its footprint. D-Link smashes that conventionality to smithereens with the release of its DIR-645 SmartBeam Router.
There is nothing conventional with the design and aesthetics of the DIR-645 SmartBeam when you come to think of it. At first glance, it rather looks like a Pringles tube which got its design inspiration from no less than Darth Vader himself with its cylindrical design and piano black finish. The company though is quite vague if the cylindrical design of the DIR-645 SmartBeam has any effect on the wireless performance of the router but the looks of it is not like anything we’ve seen in the past.
In addition to that, the circular base of the D-Link DIR-645 SmartBeam offers better stability compared to the box-type router on a clip-on configuration. Even with connections hooked up to it, the DIR-645 SmartBeam is able to stand up rigidly on its base so practicality-wise, this is the better router in addition to the fact that it also manages to keep its footprint to a bare minimum.
In terms of its dimensions, the DIR-645 SmartBeam measures 117 x 190 x 97 mm and tips the scales at 0.7 pounds. As mentioned earlier, the router has a piano black finish which is a bit glossy. I guess this is the only snag we managed to find in terms of its aesthetics given the fact that this type of finish effectively makes a gadget a perennial magnet for fingerprints, dust and smudges. Other than that, the aesthetics of the DIR-645 SmartBeam is as perfect as it can get.

The DIR-645 SmartBeam and its SmartBeam technology
The conventional wireless router technology has its focus on the prioritization of important traffic in a network but the DIR-645 SmartBeam effectively does away with that. This new router from D-Link actually has in its internals six multi-directional antennas that track connected devices and lock onto them and then focusing the beams in their directions. This way, the scattergun approach is eschewed and the all-important wireless signal is focused and directed onto a device that needs it.
In addition to that, the company is beating its chest with the fact that SmartBeam technology in the DIR-645 SmartBeam is able to effectively and efficiently handle the speed and range problems associated with 802.11 n. Additionally, D-Link claims that the DIR-645 SmartBeam is capable of beaming out a reliable and strong wireless Internet connection to every nook and cranny of your house.
Such I guess is the confidence of D-Link with its SmartBeam technology because HD Fuel, its technology that optimizes bandwidth, was not included in the package of the DIR-645 SmartBeam. In addition to that, D-Link opted to make the DIR-645 SmartBeam just a single-band router banking on the capabilities of its SmartBeam technology in its innards compensating for it.
Setup and performance of the DIR-645 SmartBeam
As with all routers that D-Link releases, setup and configuration of the DIR-645 SmartBeam is a walk in the park. A user has two options in setting up and configuring the DIR-645 SmartBeam router – either you make use of the bundled CD in its retail package and then just follow the step by step procedure or you can manually configure the DIR-645 SmartBeam by hooking up the router to a computer and accessing its manual configuration settings via on a browser. Either way, even a technologically-challenged person can setup and configure the DIR-645 SmartBeam in about 5 minutes or so.
Once you are up and running and your network is already on the go, it is clear from the onset that SmartBeam is one heck of a technology to have in a router. We put the DIR-645 SmartBeam through our strenuous performance tests and not only did it exceed our expectations, it blew them all away.
At a distance of two meters, the D-Link DIR-645 SmartBeam managed a 82.4 Mbit speed but increasing the distance saw a slight dip in the performance of the router with the speed dropping down to 82.3 Mbit. Using a real world scenario, we further increased the distance to ten meters with a solid wall in between and the DIR-645 SmartBeam was able to transfer data at 44.88 Mbit. Pushing the envelope at thirteen meters and positioning our laptop in a dead spot with three separate walls in between saw the DIR-645 SmartBeam only dropping its speed to 20.56Mbit.
The bottom line
Despite the fact that the D-Link DIR-645 SmartBeam router is only of the single-band type, we would still choose it and its SmartBeam technology over any other type of router, be it the high-end type. In short, nothing out there beats D-Link’s new baby and baby, we are sold.
D-Link DIR-645 SmartBeam Wireless Router Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 170.00


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