Canon PowerShot SX40 HS Digital Camera Price in Singapore, Specs and Other Features

Canon PowerShot SX40 HS Digital Camera Price in Singapore, Specs and Other Features: We take a look at the recently announced Canon SX40 HS and see for ourselves what features this superzoom shooter brings to the table. Read on for an account of our quality time with the shooter.
Design and construction
The Canon SX40 HS is the successor to the SX30 IS which was released last year but has significant upgrades to its older sibling. In terms of design and construction though, not much was changed in terms of the SX40 HS’ aesthetics when it is compared to its predecessor.
The SX40 HS measures 123 x 92 x 108 mm and tips the scales at 600 grams and that catch weight already includes the power pack of the shooter. The shooter is made mostly out of hard black plastic with a matte finish. Though the SX40 HS is not as solidly constructed as the Canon EOS 60D or Canon G12 which are mostly made of metal, the shooter is still well-built and is creak-free and sturdy to say the least.
A lot of care and attention has been given to the SX40 HS to ensure that it feels great in the hand. The right side of the front panel of the shooter where the grip of the SX40 HS is has been given a rubberized finish for better traction when holding the shooter. This is very in contrast with the rest of the shooter’s body which is smooth as a baby’s bottom.
The SX40 HS looks very much though like a DSLR shooter but despite its slightly smaller size compared to those bulky and hefty shooters, the SX40 HS is still very comfortable to hold even for extended periods. In fact, there were no problems encountered even when holding the SX40 HS single-handedly, thanks in part to its rubberized grip.
The thumb rest at the back right panel of the shooter works very well with the SX40 HS’ grip and gives a rather more secure grip on the shooter. As for its buttons and dials, these are laid out in a well thought of manner in addition to the dials and buttons providing good tactile feedback and audible clicks when rotated or pressed on.

Key features of the SX40 HS
In terms of its image sensor, the SX40 HS makes use of a CMOS image sensor with a 12.1-megapixel effective resolution compared to its predecessor’s CCD image sensor and 14MP resolution. The lower resolution image sensor of the SX40 HS is of the backside-illuminated type results to an enhanced signal quality for better noise performance.
The image sensor of the SX40 HS works in conjunction with the shooter’s new DIGIC V image processing engine which improves the shooter in two important areas: white balance and burst shooting capabilities. In terms of white balance, the combination of the image sensor and image processor improves the white balance capability of the SX40 HS by taking into consideration the popup flash of the shooter and the available ambient lighting when snapping stills.
In terms of burst shooting capabilities, the SX40 HS is capable of 2.4 frames per second at full effective resolution and can be cranked up to a maximum of 10.3 frames per second using its Hi-speed Burst HQ mode albeit at a lower 8-megapixel resolution.
The selling point though of the SX40 HS is its zoom capabilities of 35x optical zoom. With this in play, the shooter has a focal length ranging from 24 mm to a whopping 840 mm telephoto in 35 mm –equivalent focal length. In addition to that, the SX40 HS makes use of a Zoom Framing Assist mode that enables a user to quickly zoom out the lens of the shooter if the subject is out of focus then zoom back in when the subject is already re-centered.
With a zoom capability this powerful, it is expected that the SX40 HS pack an image stabilization feature of the lens-based nature. This feature negates the effects of camera shake and instantly reduces the effects of image blur for clearer and sharper images. The image stabilization feature of the SX40 HS is also very intuitive in the sense that it analyzes the shooting condition and automatically selects from six varying scene types and optimizes the shake reduction system most appropriate to the shooting environment.
The bottom line
The Canon SX40 HS is a very capable shooter indeed. It is able to deliver images with exceptional quality and is capable of an impressive burst shooting mode. In addition to that, it packs a very long telephoto reach thanks in part to its very powerful lens making it ideal for wildlife and sports action image capture.
The price tag attached to the SX40 HS is a bit hefty though and prospective buyers might go look elsewhere but for the most power in terms of telephoto reach, you can never go wrong with the Canon SX40 HS.
Canon PowerShot SX40 HS Digital Camera Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): S$ 749.00
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