Sony Alpha A77 DSLR Camera Singapore Price, Features and Other Details

Sony Alpha A77 DSLR Camera Singapore Price, Features and Other Details: We take a closer look at the recently announced Sony Alpha A77 and see for ourselves the features and specs that this shooter brings to the table. Join as us we gut the Alpha A77 from bow to stern to find out what makes this shooter tick.
Design and construction
In terms of its design aesthetics, the Alpha A77 is said to have gotten the inspiration for its design from Canon DSLRs. This is not to say though that the Sony shooter is a virtual Canon clone – it is just eerily reminiscent of some of the DSLRs from Canon’s stable.
With its dimensions of 143 x 104 x 81mm and weight of approximately 732 grams that includes the battery and media card, the Alpha A77 is seen as a bigger shooter compared to the competition. The bigger form factor of the shooter results to an ample-sized grip found in the front right panel of the shooter. In short, this shooter is not advisable for people who have dainty hands. The Alpha A77 would surely be at home though with people who have big claws.
As for its construction, the Alpha A77 is made from an alloy of magnesium thereby making it more durable. At the same time, the shooter is lighter compared to what it would weigh had it been another material has been used in its construction. Not only that, the magnesium alloy makes the Alpha A77 feel a lot more solid, a testament to the well built quality that the shooter packs.
In addition to that, Sony made the Alpha A77 dust and weather-sealed which would make the shooter appeal to photographers who often work in harsh and unforgiving situations. Not only that, a bevy of buttons and controls litter the body of the Alpha A77 but their layout is well thought-of that every button and control can easily be accessed or is within easy reach.

Key features of the Alpha A77
In terms of its sensor, the Alpha A77 packs an EXMOR HD CMOS sensor with an impressively whopping resolution of 24.3 effective megapixels. This very capable sensor of the Alpha A77 in turn works in conjunction with the latest version of the company’s proprietary BIONZ image processor which is tasked in handling all outputs from the EXMOR sensor.
The Alpha A77 has an aspect ratio of 3:2 so at full resolution; the shooter is capable of turning out images of up to 6,000 x 4,000 pixels. Not only that, in terms of ISO sensitivity, the Alpha A77 has a wide range from ISO 100 to 16,000. At the low end, its SO sensitivity can even be cranked down to ISO 50 for better shooting possibilities.
As for its autofocus, the Alpha A77 on the other hand has a 19-point phase detection and autofocus system that makes use of 11 cross-type sensors. Die to the translucent mirror feature of the Alpha A77, the capable autofocus system of the shooter can be used not only in capturing stills but with video capture as well. This system is also very intuitive especially when the Automatic AF mode feature of the Alpha A77 is toggled wherein autofocus is switched automatically between single and continuous AF depending on the subject when the shooter deems it necessary.
The performance and image quality of the Alpha A77
The translucent mirror feature of the Alpha A77 brings other goodies to the shooter and one of these is speed. In terms of shooting speed, Sony claims that the Alpha A77 is the fastest DSLR camera in either of its two burst-shooting speeds. The shooter is rated of being capable of a whopping eight frames per second but if the aperture is already locked along with the autofocus, burst-shooting speed is cranked up to an unbelievable twelve frames per second at full resolution. At that speed, the Alpha A77 is still faster than the older A55 despite the Alpha A77’s higher 24.3-resolution sensor as opposed to the A55’s 16.2.
Shutter lag in the Alpha A77 is only at 0.05 seconds so the shooter is ready to snap the next shot before you know it. Though not as fast as the NEX-series’ 0.02, the Alpha A77 is still pretty quick when you come to think of it.
Image quality on the other hand as to be expected is just really, really exceptional with the Alpha A77. Images taken using a pre-production Alpha A77 are already great so what more when the production models are already in use. Reproduction of color is very life-like with nice contrast and lots of details. Image noise is also kept to a bare minimum even as you crank the ISO sensitivity of the Alpha A77 higher.
The bottom line
All in all, the Sony Alpha A77 is a very capable DSLR that would force the likes of Canon and Nikon to come up with better shooters. It has excellent build quality with weather and dust sealing which is a nice bonus whereas image quality is just right up there. In short, the Alpha A77 is one shooter that’s nice to tote around town.
Sony Alpha A77 DSLR Camera Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 2,560.00 (kit with a 16-50mm/F2.8 zoom lens); S$ 1,795.00 (body only)
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