Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer Price, Features and Specs

Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer Price, Features and Specs: With the technological advances that have been happening for as long as we can remember, things have never been quite the same for most of us. In our generation, the most significant representation of these advances would definitely have to be the Internet.
There is no precise date or time as to when exactly this organism we call the net started taking over our world but it sure did become an integral part of the daily lives of almost all people for various reasons.
In today’s world, mobility and connectivity is almost as important as making sure that you get to eat three meals a day. This gave rise to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops that gives us the capability of being connected even while on the move.
In the past, when your cable TV gets cut-off, it feels like one of your arms got cut off. Nowadays, if you are not connected, it feels like you are short of breath. It feels like something very important is missing in your daily life. This need to always be connected is answered by the mobile devices we have mentioned above but Sony, the electronics giant, has something unorthodox that gets you connected as well.
We introduce to you the Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer. Some people would tell you that this is a glorified alarm clock with Internet access while others would let you know that this is one innovative product.
In this vein, what then is the Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer? What are its features? What are the components that lurk underneath its hood? At what price point does it come in? Read on as we get to know the Sony Dash a little better.
Design and construction
At first glance, the Dash looks more like a wedge instead of being a “personal Internet viewer” as Sony lovingly calls it. This baby packs an unassuming design and actually gives off the impression of not being able to anything remotely useful when turned off. It looks like a big slab of black plastic and is covered by a rubber material that makes gripping the device a whole lot easier.
In terms of its hardware, the front-panel is eaten up by its 7-inch screen in addition to the device’s stereo speakers. Up on top, one can find the volume buttons along the menu / snooze button while the left edge of the Dash houses a headset jack and a USB port. The power connector on the other hand takes its unassuming place at the bottom edge of the device.

Under the hood
Checking out the internals of the Dash, we see components that we usually associate with a midrange smartphone. The device packs a processor that has a clock speed of a measly 500 MHz considering the fact that this device is supposed to be Internet-capable. The processor in turn is working in conjunction with a scant 256 MB of RAM – again something that we haven’t seen for the longest time.
With the undernourished components that the Dash packs underneath the hood, it is not expected to perform well. In fact, it is already a foregone conclusion that the Dash would be somewhat laggy and jittery that it can get irritating at times.
The display and other features
As mentioned earlier, the Dash packs a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen that gives way for easier web navigation. The display has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and surprisingly was able to produce better than average images in addition to turning out exceptional viewing angles.
This is actually surprising given the nature of the device but with this feature, it is so much easier to share whatever is on the screen of the Dash to family and friends. In addition to that, it also has an accelerometer just like the tablets that we see lining up the shelves to day.
In terms of its operating system, the Dash packs Linux with a Chumby OS layer overlaid with widgets for a user-friendlier interface. And true to its being a “personal Internet viewer” you can get online via Wi-Fi and have access to Amazon, Netflix, YouTube Blue Octy Radio, Pandora, Slacker Radio, Twitter and Facebook via the preinstalled Chumby widgets on the Dash.
The bottom line
The Sony Dash is expected to fetch a price of $149.99 US and at this price point, we don’t really know it is can serve as a cheapo tablet or a ridiculously expensive alarm clock. In fact, the Dash is a one-of-a-kind gadget and we are having a hard time deciding if this is something worth your dinero.
Well, if you need something to sit at your bedside table for some Internet radio and give you quick access to your most-visited sites in addition to ensuring that you wake up at the appointed time via its alarm function, then the Dash is perfect for you. For all other intents and purposes, a tablet would be a better choice.
Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer Price in Singapore Dollar (SGD): Approximately S$ 195.00

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